Why did you receive sexy underwear inexplicably

Why did you receive sexy underwear inexplicably

With the popularity of the Internet and the rise of e -commerce, more and more consumers have begun to shop on the Internet.Under normal circumstances, consumers only need to choose the product they want on the merchant’s website, and then send it to the specified address through the courier company.However, more and more consumers have recently reported that without any purchase records and bills, they have received sexy underwear.Why does it receive sexy underwear inexplicably? The following will be discussed from several aspects.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising is a new form of e -commerce. Merchants can put advertisements based on data such as user interests, hobbies, consumer behavior and other data.Especially in the era of mobile Internet, people often browse and share various product information on social media.In this way, merchants can analyze user information through big data to accurately put advertisements.

Some merchants may invest in some user -related advertisements for users with more open personalities or obvious identities, and attach to the purchase link.If consumers clicks the link and fill in personal information, the merchant can get the consumer’s receiving address, and then send the goods directly to the consumer.Consumers do not need to pay any fees.In this case, the reason for consumers to receive sexy underwear is to click related advertisements on social media.

Trial scam

Another possible way is to try on a scam.Trial scams, as the name suggests, are to send various trials to consumers and attach a purchase link.Merchants hope that consumers will try to penetrate the goods as much as possible, and then choose what they want to buy.If some consumers do not buy a trial product, the merchants will not have much loss, because the number of trials is large, and some consumers will choose to pay after trying it on.

However, in order to increase the purchase rate, some merchants will use some means to deceive consumers.For example, if the size of the product is not true, rough craftsmanship, etc., some problems will occur after trying it on, and the solution given by the merchant is to require consumers to buy genuine products.In this case, the reason for consumers to receive sexy underwear is to be deceived by merchants.

Gift from wedding company

The wedding company provides newcomers with various gifts, services and surprises.Some wedding companies will put some different styles of gifts at the new home of the newcomers as blessings.Sex underwear may be placed in the newcomer’s house because of the special nature of the gift, and this gift will make some couples embarrassed and unpleasant.Of course, in this case, the reason for consumers to receive sex underwear is the gift from the wedding company.

Mail error

Express companies are usually responsible for sending merchants’ goods or personal items to the specified address, but there are some errors during the process.Sometimes, the courier may wrap the package wrong and send the sexy underwear to a completely strange address.In this case, receiving erotic underwear is not because of personal purchase or unexpected operations, but the error of the courier.

Humanly sent

In the Internet age, people can keep in touch anytime, anywhere.However, this also means that it is easy to be sent by some jokes or hostile people.Some pranks or malicious hate individuals may want to hurt them or make them embarrassing, so they found some sexy underwear to send it, and did not disclose the information about the delivery person or use the pseudonym.In this case, receiving sexy underwear is due to the maliciousness of bad people or threats.

Merchant marketing rewards or eggs

The last possibility is the marketing reward or egg of the merchant.In some specific cases, some e -commerce platforms or merchants will randomly attach some gifts or eggs in some orders to attract consumers and sell products, and these eggs and gifts are often attractive.In some cases of snap -up, some limited gift packages will also add the same attachment.Therefore, in this case, it is possible to receive other products different from their purchases.

in conclusion

The above is several possible reasons for receiving inexplicable sexy underwear, but it should be noted that if you buy error products on a merchant website and receive wrong products, you may also be attributed to inexplicably receiving sexy underwear.However, no matter what the reason, consumers should be vigilant. If there are doubts, contact merchants or courier companies as soon as possible to avoid causing other problems.

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