Xiaotianxin CC Yang Chenchen’s sexy underwear

Xiaotianxin CC Yang Chenchen’s sexy underwear

Xiao Tianxin CC Yang Chenchen, as a sexy and cute online model, her sexy underwear style is always bright, especially for different styles wearing various occasions, which has reference value.Below, let’s take a look at Xiao Tianxin CC Yang Chenchen’s sexy lingerie skills!

Sex underwear classification

First of all, we need to understand the classification of love lingerie.Generally speaking, fun underwear can be divided into the following categories:

Lace sexy underwear

Perfecting sexy underwear

Nets Eyes Sex Plate

Split sexy underwear

Drink sexy underwear

Although these categories are only some common types of sexy underwear, when buying, we can first locate the style according to our own needs.

Underwear style choice

Next, let’s take a look at the choice of underwear style of Xiao Tianxin CC Yang Chenchen.In various occasions, different styles of underwear have its wearing skills.

Sexy: Perspective sexy underwear

When shooting videos or photos, perspective sexy underwear can use transparent materials to highlight the shape of the underwear, make the figure more prominent and increase the sexy feeling.When you are on the street, you can add a jacket to the perspective sexy underwear to create a sense of temptation with a sense of mystery.

Sweet and cute: lace sexy underwear

In daily leisure, lace sexy underwear is the best choice.It is light and soft, and is more comfortable than other materials.At the same time, lace erotic underwear can also show the cute side of Xiaotianxin CC Yang Chenchen.

Elegant and generous: split sex underwear

On the formal occasion, Xiao Tianxin CC Yang Chenchen’s choice is to split sex underwear.Compared with traditional dresses, split sexy underwear can better show the figure curve, and it will not affect the comfort of walking, elegant and generous.

Sex underwear matching

In addition to choosing the right style, the matching of underwear is also very important.Next, let’s take a look at Xiao Tianxin CC Yang Chenchen’s sexy underwear matching skills.

The principle of unified skin lip color

In color matching, we can use Xiaotianxin CC Yang Chenchen’s dressed range, occasion, atmosphere, etc. to choose underwear similar to the skin lip color.This can enhance the overall sex and make the feeling more coordinated.

Commonly commensurate inside and outside, positioning in different occasions

In the case of wearing clothes, it is also critical to choose different styles of sexy underwear. Different occasions need to position different dressing styles and match suitable sexy underwear.


Finally, in terms of shape, we can use the details of the underwear to reflect our own personality. Different materials and details can provide perfect embellishment for the whole body shape.


Xiaotianxin CC Yang Chenchen’s sexy lingerie wearing skills, summarized it -choose suitable styles, choose different combinations according to different occasions and matching.By understanding sex underwear, we can better understand our needs, know how to choose styles and matching, and create a personality dressing style that suits us.Let us and Xiaotianxin CC Yang Chenchen become underwear wearing people!

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