Wuhan sexy underwear design

Wuhan sexy underwear design

Wuhan is a city with a long history and a dynamic city, so the sexy underwear design here is also different.

Interesting underwear with social functions

In Wuhan, the design of sexy underwear not only focuses on sexy and beautiful, but also pays more attention to its social functions.For example, some sexy underwear will decorate various small accessories, such as ribbons, beads, etc., which can show their sexy and charm in social occasions.

Emphasizing the sexy underwear of equality between men and women

Unlike other cities, Wuhan’s sexy underwear design also emphasizes equality between men and women.These underwear is not only designed for women, but also designed some sexy underwear suitable for men, which increases the fun between husband and wife and meets the needs of husband and wife.

Sexy underwear paying attention to comfort

Wuhan’s sexy underwear design not only focuses on beauty, but also pays more attention to comfort.The designer has made a lot of effort in underwear fabrics, line heads, and steel rings, making these sexy underwear not feel uncomfortable even if wearing it for a long time.

Pursue sexy and pure sexy underwear

Unlike social sexy underwear, there is also a type of sexy and pure sexy underwear.These sexy underwear pays more attention to the modification of the body curve, and uses better fabrics to make women’s bodies better display.

Smart sexy underwear

In recent years, with the development of intelligent technology, some sexy underwear design in Wuhan has also begun to have a sense of intelligence.For example, you can control the vibration strength and duration of underwear through the mobile APP, which is more in line with the habit of using modern people.

Emphasis of personalized underwear

Wuhan’s sexy underwear design emphasizes personality. Many underwear have unique design elements, such as petal shapes, interesting patterns printed on underwear, and dotted with diamonds.These design elements are rich in Wuhan culture.

Focus on sexy underwear that shows emotion

In Wuhan, there are some erotic underwear design focusing on expressing emotions.Such as emotional vocabulary or emotional symbols on the stockings, expressing the emotional state wearing underwear.Such a design makes underwear not only a decoration, but also expressing sincere emotions.

Interesting underwear with unique materials

Wuhan’s sexy underwear design also uses some unique fabrics, such as lace, silk, leather and so on.These unique fabrics make the underwear more sexy and visible, and also provide consumers with more choices.


Wuhan’s sexy underwear design has a unique style. It focuses on personality, social, comfortable and other considerations, which can bring consumers more choices and interests.These design elements have a strong cultural color of Wuhan, which also deepen people’s impression and cognition of the city.

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