Why flicker girlfriend wears sexy underwear

How to make your girlfriend put on sexy underwear is a problem that makes many men headaches.Because for many women, wearing sexy underwear is a very brave behavior, and men need to make some clever compromise and persuasion.This article will introduce eight practical skills to help you successfully let your girlfriend put on sexy underwear without hurting women’s self -esteem and respect for their wishes.

1. Find the right occasion

First of all, to ensure that the appropriate occasion is found, at least make your girlfriend feel comfortable.Do not say this topic in public or girlfriends, which will make her feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.Instead, you can make her feel relaxed and comfortable when a clueful occasion, such as on the bed at home or when the context is extinguished.

2. Affordable girlfriend’s figure

Different women have different figures, and each woman has their own physical dissatisfaction.To be sure of her body, not to make her feel disturbed and inferior.You can praise her figure and tell her to put on sexy lingerie exciting, beautiful and sexy.

3. Give her time

Let your girlfriend have enough time to consider and decide.Respect her response to sexy underwear.If she needs more time to consider or prepare, give her sufficient time, and don’t force her.

4. Attract your girlfriend’s vision

Women are usually visual animals. If they have enough visual stimuli, they are usually willing to wear sexy sexy underwear.You can try to show her some beautiful sexy underwear pictures or videos, trying to create curiosity and interest in sexy underwear in her heart.

5. Provide her choice

Women like to have their own right to speak when choosing major issues, and they like to decide freely.Provide a few options for her, let her choose the right sexy underwear, so that she has more autonomy and feel more comfortable.

6. Choose comfortable materials

Quality and comfort are two important factors that affect women’s choice of sexy underwear.Choose a comfortable material suitable for girlfriends so that she feels relaxed and comfortable when she is worn.If the erotic underwear is uncomfortable, even they will start to be disliked underwear.

7. Let her feel security

Women often care about their appearance and image, and it is no exception to wear sexy underwear.Make her feel safe and assured, because it will make her feel that she is accepted and liked.

8. Love your girlfriend’s nature

The most important point is to love and respect her girlfriend, accept who she is, and does not force her to do anything she doesn’t like.If she doesn’t want to wear a fun underwear, don’t try to force her.

in conclusion:

Let your girlfriend wear fun underwear is a process that requires patience and skills.To make her feel comfortable and respected, find the right time and occasions.Let her have options and autonomy, and try to provide a little visual stimulus and security.In the end, if she doesn’t like to wear sexy underwear, she does not need to be forced.Because the most important thing is to love and respect your girlfriend’s nature and will.

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