Why do girls don’t like sexy underwear

Why don’t girls like sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a specially designed underwear, which aims to improve sexual pleasure and taste.However, many girls do not like to wear sexy underwear.There are many reasons behind this.In this article, we will discuss why girls do not like sexy underwear and put forward some solutions.

1. Uncomfortable

The most common problem is uncomfortable erotic underwear.These underwear are usually made of hard satin, lace, leather and other materials.These materials are not comfortable, and many girls can’t stand long -term wear.As a result, many women are unwilling to wear sexy underwear on the occasion.

2. Not suitable for all kinds

There are few designs suitable for various body shapes.Many design styles are not tailor -made for most women, so they may not be able to fully cooperate with everyone’s body.This makes women feel that they have a bad experience of wearing sexy underwear, or in fact, they can’t wear them.

3. It’s difficult to match

The style of sexy underwear usually requires a specific clothes or jewelry to better play their effects.However, many women do not want to buy a large number of other accessories for such a particular matching design, or do not know how to match to show the best results.This makes women feel interesting underwear or does not want to buy.

4. Non -practicality

Sex underwear is very unreasonable for daily wear. They usually do not have any support functions, and they are not suitable for wearing to go to work or do other daily activities.This causes sexy underwear to only be used for specific occasions, not long -term wearing.This also partnered that women choose to choose sexy underwear.

5. Social pressure

Some women may suffer some criticism in public underwear in public places. Social pressure caused them to make them unwilling to wear such underwear and display them in public.Sexy underwear seems to be a "controversial" style, which will affect women’s wearing choices to a certain extent.

6. Putting embarrassment

Some women may be embarrassed to wear sexy underwear, and they may think that they cannot control the sexy or dare to do what the sexy lingerie is expressed.Rather than wearing a sexy underwear that makes them feel embarrassed, they would rather choose other unique underwear that is more comfortable, practical and beautiful.

7. Price issue

Interest underwear is usually expensive. Women may be abandoned once or several times, because sexy underwear needs special care, and materials are also easy to burn than ordinary underwear.When considering its practical conditions and purchasing budgets, sexy underwear may not be so attractive.

8. Not in line with cultural concepts

In some cultures, erotic underwear is considered as decent and decent.In these cultures, women are required to maintain decent and dignified, and wearing sexy underwear may be considered a manifestation of frivolous or unwavering.This concept limits women’s awareness of wearing choices and independence.


Interest underwear is not suitable for everyone’s underwear, but it does not mean that women should not try it.Although there are many problems that make women feel uncomfortable, from another perspective, it can inject new vitality into women’s sexual life.If designers can consider more comfort, practicality, and price rationality, and at the same time, they will understand and respect women’s options in terms of culture, and sexy underwear will also have greater market demand and sought after.

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