Which physical stores buy sexy underwear

Which physical stores buy sexy underwear

In recent years, with the gradual opening of sexual culture, the market demand for sex underwear has also increased.Although the shopping experience of the Internet is convenient and fast, many people still like to go to the physical store to buy sexy underwear products and feel the service of trying on.This article introduces which physical stores are suitable for buying sexy underwear.

1. Adult products store

Adult products stores are one of the first choice for buying sexy underwear. This kind of shop is mainly selling sex products and health supplies. The types of sexy underwear they sell are also relatively rich, which can almost meet the needs of any personal needs.In addition, adult products also provide trials in men’s and women’s products, so that customers can effectively feel the texture and comfort of the product.

2. Wedding shop

Wedding shop is also a good choice.In addition to selling wedding dresses, they also have sexy underwear and accessories. These underwear have unique styles and wedding elements, which are more suitable for wearing on wedding nights.In addition, the underwear styles of wedding shops include chest stickers, milk stickers, bras, underwear, and so on.

Third, fashion clothing store

Fashion clothing store is also a good choice for buying sexy underwear.The underwear sold by these shops not only has quality assurance, but also has a very fashionable style. The design is novel and personalized. It is neither elegant nor sexy.There are also many underwear brands in fashion clothing stores, and there are products in various price interval, which can be selected according to their preferences and needs.

Fourth, department store mall

Department stores sometimes sell sexy underwear. In the underwear area, many valuable purchase options can be found, such as lace bra, sexy underwear, transparent pajamas, etc.Compared with other stores, department stores usually have higher -grade and quality products, so pay attention to rice numbers when buying to see if it is suitable for you.

Five, sexy underwear store

The sexy underwear store is also a good choice for buying sex underwear.This kind of shop focuses on selling sexy underwear and accessories. The underwear style, color, and materials are many samples, suitable for different ages and aesthetic needs.In addition, clerks are usually professional training and brand propaganda, which can provide customers with more professional product introduction and purchase suggestions.

Six, Internet cafes

Many online cafes have also begun to get involved in the sales business of sexy underwear. This purchase method mainly uses the means of online marketing and adopts promotion methods such as live broadcast and product display.Some fashion sexy styles designed for network users and European and American love -style underwear are also sold by Internet cafes.

Seven, KFC

KFC is a more unexpected choice because the chain fast food restaurant has launched many sexy lingerie and hungry goddess series products.KFC’s sexy underwear style is relatively European and American, mainly for young people, with large spans and high transparency.

8. Car model shop

Car model shop is also a very cool way of shopping.Car model stores mainly sell models, toys and peripheral products, but in some car model stores, some sexy underwear and accessories can also be found.The two -sex elements in the car model store are very obvious, suitable for those who like to be stimulating.

Nine, cosmetics shop

Cosmetics shops usually sell skin care products, makeup, perfumes, etc., but in some cosmetics stores, you can also find beautiful breast stickers and sexy underwear.These products are generally sold in the auxiliary product area of cosmetics.The underwear products in the cosmetics store are particularly suitable for women who want to improve their chest shape.

10. Internet cafe

Similar to Internet cafes, Internet cafes can also represent virtual physical store channels.Compared with Internet cafes, Internet cafes are more subtle. The sexy underwear products they sell are relatively neutral, including bra, invisible underwear, cool and breathable underwear, etc., which are suitable for both men and women.


Overall, physical stores are not inferior to e -commerce in terms of sales of sexy underwear, because they not only allow customers to experience the goods in person, but also have good performance in terms of sales.Of course, different stores have different advantages and disadvantages. When we choose to buy the location, we need to choose the physical store that is most suitable for ourselves to buy according to our needs and preferences.

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