Where to sell sexies in Beijing

Where to sell sexies in Beijing

With the advancement of society, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in modern society. Various brands and styles of sexy underwear are dazzling. A number of professional sexy shops have emerged in the market.But for novices, where to buy sexy underwear is a bit confused.So, where can I buy sexy underwear in Beijing?Here are some ways to buy sexy underwear.

1. Sakura Shop in Beijing

There are many sex shops in Beijing.These shops usually sell various sex products, including sexy underwear.When buying sexy underwear, you can go to these professional sexy shops. After all, shame things are not sold in ordinary shopping malls.In these stores, you can find various styles of sexy underwear, whether it is Japanese refreshing literary models, or sexy style of European and American style, a variety of product styles are rich in style, and you can always find one that suits you.

2. Shopping mall

Some mid -to -high -end shopping malls have also begun to operate sexy underwear.To go to the brand counters of shopping malls, you can find better and high -end sexy underwear brands. The price is relatively high, but the quality and service are more reliable and guaranteed.

3. E -commerce platform

For consumers who do not want to face strangers, you can consider buying sexy underwear on the e -commerce platform.The common sexual inner locals on it include Aimer, Victoria’s Secret, etc. Compared with physical stores and shopping malls, e -commerce platforms are usually more popular and relatively low in price. When purchasing, you only need to choose your favorite styles and sizes when buying.Just accept it.

4. Foreign trade website

If you want some sexy European and American style, you can consider buying on foreign trade websites, such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc.Packing the sealing sexy underwear from foreign mailing from foreign countries not only has a different buying experience, but the price is much cheaper than in China.

5. Second -hand market

Some people like to collect erotic underwear, while others are more saved.For consumers who do not want to spend a lot of purchases, you can try to buy on some second -hand platforms.The price here is cheaper than the conventional price, and through the idle platform, you can find that many buyers also sell sexy underwear that they don’t want to wear, which can be said to be quite affordable.

6. Private formulation

Some niche brands have always had some exciting design styles, but it is difficult to find it on the market.If you have some private needs, you can also try to contact the brand’s customer service for private customization.Although the price is relatively high, it can meet your special needs.

7. Buyer show website

Some consumers do not want to try to wear sex underwear in physical stores. It is difficult to ensure the wear effect on e -commerce platforms.At this time, you can consider logging in to some sexy underwear buyer show platforms to see the effects of other users after purchasing, and to get more realistic wear results through their experience.

8. Taobao purchasing

For some foreign brands, the price may be more expensive than domestic brands, and it is more troublesome to buy foreign trade websites. Factors such as language barriers make time and cumbersome.So you can choose to find a purchase on Taobao to achieve a purchase to get a more favorable and convenient shopping experience.

Generally speaking, there are many purchase channels for sexy underwear. They include direct sales of physical stores, as well as e -commerce platforms, foreign trade websites, second -hand markets and other options. Consumers can choose the appropriate purchase channels and products according to their own specific conditions.Essence

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