Where can I have fun jackets in Xi’an

Where is the interesting underwear in Xi’an?


With the development of social development and the enhancement of people’s open mentality, sexy underwear has become a very common fashion item.Not only adds the taste and fun of life, but also enhances the charm and sexy of women.So, if you want to buy sexy lingerie, where is Xi’an?

Shopping center/department store

Xi’an Shopping Center and Department Stores are spread all over the city, among which there are no lack of interesting underwear shops.Some high -end shopping malls, such as Wangfujing, Century Jinhua, etc., there may be some high -end sexy underwear counters, and there are also some Internet brands physical stores.In addition, there are also some sexy underwear stores in major business districts in the urban area, which are concentrated in the business districts such as Qujiang, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and Stege.

Professional sexy underwear shop

Compared with the shopping mall, professional sexy underwear stores pay more attention to the quality of the sex and the brand’s professionalism.In Xi’an, Inner Desire’s sexy underwear shop, Xianglian sexy underwear shop, etc. belong to such shops.The types of these shops are relatively complete, and the brands have more choices. At the same time, the window display and store layout are more interesting, which can better meet the needs of consumers.

Electronic business platform

With the advent of the Internet era, online shopping is becoming more and more convenient, and the purchase of sexy underwear is no exception.Buying sexy underwear can be carried out on major e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao, JD.com, etc.Among them, there are also some e -commerce platforms specializing in sexy underwear, such as 214 charm of Hangzhou Makeup Living Co., Ltd..

Sexy shop

Slightly different from professional sexy underwear stores, the sales of sex products stores are not only sexy underwear, but also sex products.There are fewer such shops in the city, but there are also several, such as Beijing Shilihe and Shanghai Shenjiang Road, which are mainly selling sex products.

Customized sexy underwear

If you can’t find your own sexy underwear in the market, you might as well try to customize one.The process of custom erotic underwear is similar to ordinary underwear. Consumers need to go to the store to make measurement, and then tailor -made by the store according to the needs of consumers.There are also some professional custom stores in Xi’an, such as Lingee Yanni.

Brand recommendation: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, as an international chain brand, has also opened a number of stores in China. At present, its brand image is relatively successful.Its fun underwear style is also full of style, and the style is small, fresh, sexy, gorgeous, and elegant.Although the price is high, the quality and design have a relatively important advantage.

Brand recommendation: Beyond Sexy

Beyond SEXY is a domestic sexy underwear brand that is committed to providing consumers with richer, more fashionable and more personalized sexy underwear products.The brand’s style is more colorful. The style is similar to Victoria’s Secret, but the price is more affordable. It can be said to be a very cost -effective sexy underwear brand.

Brand recommendation: Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel is a European sex lingerie brand with many years of brand history and experience.Its sexy lingerie styles are mostly European style, fine workmanship and excellent fabrics. At the same time, modern fashion factors are combined.Compared to the first two brands, the price is more high -end.


The above is the introduction of where there are erotic underwear in Xi’an.Different people have different consumer needs, which is the best for them.When buying sexy underwear, you must not only consider the price and style, but also pay attention to the quality of the quality of the underwear and the quality of the brand.Hope to have a satisfactory shopping experience.

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