What sexy underwear on the legs

What sexy underwear on the legs


If you want to show your body better, sexy underwear is a good choice.However, dressing is different from conventional clothing, and more matching skills are needed, otherwise the wrong sex underwear will destroy the overall beauty.Thick legs are the trouble of many women. What are the sexy underwear?This article introduces you from the following aspects.

Choose the right underwear

Underwear is the most common part of sexy underwear, but not all panties are suitable for women with thick legs.The style of hip -shaped underwear, T -shaped pants, and suspenders can effectively improve the problem of thick legs.Especially T -shaped pants, there is only one thin rope connection behind it, which will not leave stress marks on the legs like other underwear, and it can also show your beautiful hip curve.

Choose the right bra

The tight chest can better highlight the proportion of the body, disperse the body’s attention, and shrink the thick leg.Therefore, it is important to choose the right bra.The steel rim gathers, flat, wide cup types, etc. are a good choice. Pay attention to choose the appropriate size and try to choose the style with chest pads to better shape the chest shape and avoid glowing.

Choose the right one -piece dress

Supreme dress is a good choice for showing figures, but the comparison style is not suitable for women with thick legs.It is recommended to choose a conjoined dress with plain or color gradient to avoid complex patterns such as stripes, grids, and printing.At the same time, excessive tight -fitting dress is not conducive to blood circulation in the legs, making the legs more swollen.

Choose the right stockings

Stockings are indispensable parts of sexy underwear, and can also play a role in modifying leg shape.For women with thick legs, it is best to choose darkened stockings to increase leg lines.Black, dark gray, etc. are a very good choice.In addition, the details of stockings are often easy to ignore your leg shape. It is recommended to choose a plain or simple embellishment style.

Choose the right high heels

High -heeled shoes can make women more beautiful, but for inappropriate high -heeled shoes, your leg image will become worse.For women with thick legs, it is recommended to choose sloping shoes, thick soles or heels for matching.These styles can help you coordinate the proportion of legs, make your legs more slender, and protect your feet better at the same time.

Choose the appropriate lace, mesh yarn and other additional decorations

For women who want to beautify their bodies but do not want to show too much skin, choosing some additional decorations such as lace, mesh, and pearls is a good choice.Can be decorated from the chest, waist, or pelvis to create a more perfect body curve.But also pay attention to excessive decoration that causes excessive exaggeration.

Choose the right style

For women with thick legs, it is important to choose the right style. For example, V -neck, off -the -shoulder and other styles can make the upper body more beautiful, divert leg attention, thereby reducing the feeling of thick legs.For the lower body, choosing too tight, too expanding skirts are not conducive to the beauty of the legs.It is recommended to choose firming or not easy to expand styles.

Selection of different occasions

You need to choose different sexy underwear in different occasions. For example, in romantic dating, you can choose a sexy visual or lace installation to increase the atmosphere. In daily office, you must choose a relatively low -key and fresh style so that you will not let it not allowPeople have a explicit feeling.

Regular maintenance

Sex underwear, as part of daily wear, needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently.Replace underwear, bra and stockings regularly to avoid discomfort and bacterial infections caused by long -term wear, and at the same time to ensure the freshness and beauty of sexy underwear.


Thick legs need to pay attention to many details in sexy underwear, but it is inevitable that physical confidence and health are the most important.When choosing a sexy underwear, the primary principle should be comfort and appropriate. Only on this basis is more meaningful and sexy.

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