When is the sex underwear wearing plus points

When is the sex underwear wearing plus points

Interesting underwear, as a special underwear, is designed to increase interest and fun.Many people have a lot of questions about it, such as when is it better to wear?The precautions and appropriate occasions will be introduced in detail below.

1. Wear on formal occasions

Formal occasions generally refer to company or business gatherings. At this time, it is not suitable for wearing too sexy sexy underwear.However, some sexy underwear is more suitable for formal occasions, such as work -like sexy underwear, suspenders, sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear, etc., which not only increases the beauty of the wearer, but also does not lose the style of the scene.

2. Wearing on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a very romantic holiday. Wearing a sexy underwear has enhanced the atmosphere stronger, appreciated each other and enhanced feelings.At this time, you can selectively, open, and avant -garde design style, such as back -back style, rabbit girl outfit, etc.

3. Wedding Memorial Day

The wedding anniversary is an important anniversary of the couple. Wearing a sexy underwear increased the taste and life of husband and wife.At this time, you can choose a more graceful, pure, literary style, such as pure white lace sexy underwear, lapel design sexy underwear, etc.

Fourth, party and nightclub wear

Party and nightclubs are a lively place for social activities. Wearing erotic underwear will make you stand out in a party and nightclub, becoming the focus of the party and nightclubs.At this time, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear that is more avant -garde, sexy or back -back design, so that you can better display personality and beauty.

Fifth, wear at home

Wearing a sexy underwear at home can relax yourself and share a good time with your partner.Choose a loose and comfortable sexy underwear, it is best to choose the material -based warm sexy underwear, which brings a warm feeling to yourself and his family.

6. Dress during travel

Tourism is a very interesting thing. At this time, wearing sexy underwear can add fun to travel.However, it should be noted that you should not choose too sexy styles. It is best to choose a fresh and graceful design to focus on the fun in tourism instead of sexy underwear.

Seven, wearing during fitness

During fitness, it is not suitable for wearing sexy underwear, especially when stretching, the body will deform, which will make the sexy underwear very embarrassing.

8. Wearing when shopping

It is absolutely inappropriate to wear sexy underwear when shopping. No matter what the style of sexy lingerie is, it is not suitable for wearing in such a place. Pay attention to the adaptability of wearing.

In general, pay attention when choosing to wear sexy underwear. You can choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style according to your body and preferences, and at the same time, wearing appropriate sexy underwear according to the needs of the occasion.Do not blindly pursue sexy for vanity to be sexy. Wearing sexy underwear moderately can make you more confident and show your beauty and personality.

Finally, when wearing sexy underwear no matter when, where, and in what circumstances, you must choose the style within your own scale. Do not wear too exposed or eye -catching, so as not to let others have bad ideas and evaluations.

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