What types of Taobao sex underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear designed for sex. Perhaps they can make you more sexy on special occasions.Now that you are looking for the latest trend of getting sexy underwear on Taobao, this article will take you to understand the different types of Taobao sexy underwear and provide purchase suggestions.

1. Sexy bra

Sexy bras are an indispensable part of sexy underwear. In addition to practicality, they can also improve the psychological experience in sex.The unique sexy chest design of Taobao has broken the restraint of traditional bras and adds sexy elements on the premise of ensuring chest health.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is the most basic type of sexy underwear. They are sexy, elegant and feminine by ordinary underwear.There are various styles and colors of lace underwear on Taobao, which reflect the feminine and sexy charm of women.

Third, split underwear

The split underwear is composed of two parts. The upper part is usually sexy bra, and the lower body is personal pants.This design makes it easier for them to match other sexy underwear and more sexy and charming.On Taobao, split underwear is a very popular type of sexy underwear.

Fourth, perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is a very popular sexy underwear.They are usually made of transparent materials, allowing part of the body to be naked.This design helps improve the sexy experience. There are various colors and styles of see -through underwear on Taobao to meet various needs.

Five, mesh underwear

Netwear -shaped underwear is usually composed of sewing or seamless mesh materials to allow the skin to breathe. There are many styles and colors on Taobao. They are widely used in bedroom shooting and sexy moments.dress up.

6. Character playing underwear

Playing underwear is another category of sexy underwear.Each design is inspired by specific roles, such as police, maids, students, nurses and dancers.Such a design helps to increase changes and stimulation of sex.There are a variety of role -playing underwear on Taobao, you can easily find the style that suits you.

Seven, suspended underwear

The suspender underwear is usually composed of a conjoined design with a thin shoulder strap.They can be suitable for people of different body types, they can wear them comfortably and sexy.There are various styles, colors and style suspenders on Taobao, which provides you with many options.

Eight, stockings

Stockings are not just sexy underwear, they are an important part of adding sexy atmosphere.On Taobao, you can find various styles and colors of stockings. From meat -colored to black, from lace to mesh, almost everyone will find a stockings that suits them.

Nine, fun pajamas

Interest pajamas are usually more sexy, with various design of deep V necklace and edge of waves.They can be worn comfortably or to increase the taste of husband and wife.On Taobao, erotic pajamas are also a very popular type of sexy underwear.

10. Buy suggestion

Pay attention to the following points to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.First of all, check the seller’s reputation rating, the higher the seller who is rated, the more trustworthy.Second, different sellers to find the most suitable price and product quality.Finally, make sure to understand the return policy of each seller before buying, so as not to buy inappropriate sexy underwear.

in conclusion:

There are many types of Taobao sex underwear, and each category has a variety of styles and colors to meet different needs.When choosing a favorite lingerie, you need to consider the price, quality, comfort and the reputation of the seller. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate style according to your preference to ensure sexy charm when wearing.

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