What kind of underwear wearing in sexy underwear

What kind of underwear wearing in sex underwear?

Wearing sexy underwear to give people self -confidence and beauty. However, when choosing a sexy underwear, have you considered what underwear you wear?In fact, choosing underwear is one of the important parts of sexy underwear.Here, let’s introduce the underwear in sexy underwear.

1. Through pants

The thong is famous for its sexy appearance.Some of these styles are equipped with thin thin bands to provide good comfort and support.However, it should be noted that they are not suitable for all body types.

2. briefs

If you seek comfort and support, then triangular underwear is one of the best choices.They are basic, practical and classic styles.

3. French underwear

French underwear is a more attractive and cultural choice, including transparent materials and small bows around the underwear.This underwear is more sexy and elegant.

4. High waist pants

High -waisted pants can show the beauty of more feminine curves.Some of these styles contain built -in plastic ingredients.

5. No trace panties

You don’t have to worry about the appearance of "underwear contour" when wearing fun underwear, and it is very comfortable. This is the advantage of no trace panties.

6. G-String

In order to show your beauty and women to the greatest extent, G-String is a very popular choice of underwear.They are smaller than ordinary thong, and they can also show a smooth appearance in sexy.

7. Low waist underwear

For women who have a 100 % appearance, low -waist underwear is an ideal choice, especially when wearing low -waist pants.

8. Environmental panties

Some underwear accepts flag design, and many underwear also adds environmental elements.In this way, you can wear beauty and love the environment.

9. hollow panties

The unique and noble feeling can be perfectly displayed by hollow panties.Not only that, they are also more breathable for wearing.

10. Grace panties

Many styles of sexy underwear with lace underwear, lace panties can provide soft support and create sexy curves for key parts of the body.

In summary, choosing what kind of underwear wearing in the sexy underwear is an important part of affecting the appearance and comfort of the underwear.You know, you can make yourself look more perfect and sexy by selecting the underwear that matches the sexy underwear.Remember, comfort is also the key to choosing underwear, because if you are not comfortable, this will also affect your display on sexy underwear.

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