What is the use of the foreplay to wear sexy underwear

Foreword: Interesting underwear is not just decorations

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is not just to decorate or improve self -confidence.In fact, sexy underwear can also add more fun and stimulation to the sex life between couples.This article will explore the role of erotic underwear in the foreplay.

Paragraph 1: Move sexual desire through sex underwear

The color, style and material of sexy underwear have the characteristics of personalized and sexy, which can well set out a woman’s body and temperament.Men can watch women wear sexy underwear, visually stimulate, and then mobilize sexual desire.

Section 2: Increase the sexual adventure of both parties

The personalization and sexual characteristics of sexy underwear can increase the sexual adventure of both parties.Couples can try to wear different styles of sexy underwear to show different charm and style in front of the opposite sex.Such behaviors can increase the fun of marriage life and enhance the interaction of feelings.

The third paragraph: sexy underwear can slow down the rhythm of both parties

Wearing sexy underwear can not directly guide sex, but can slow down the sexual rhythm of both parties and slowly increase the sexual desires of both parties.Accompanied by sexy underwear, couples can enjoy longer and more fulfilling foreplay, and then achieve a climax sex experience.

Fourth paragraph: sexy underwear makes women more confident

Interest underwear can not only make men more fascinated with women, but also make women feel more confident when masturbating or sex, and enjoy the joy of sex.Women understand their sexy characteristics and can express themselves through sexy underwear, which will enhance their self -confidence and charm.

Paragraph 5: Sexy sexy underwear can increase women’s autonomy

Wearing sexy sexy underwear can increase women’s autonomy and initiative.When women wear sexy underwear, they will have greater courage and confidence to initiate sexual requests from men to enjoy more sexual experiences.

Paragraph 6: Interesting underwear can increase communication between couples

Interest underwear can increase the communication and communication between couples, so that they can better understand each other’s sexual preferences and needs.When buying sexy underwear, couples can participate together to understand each other’s preferences to achieve a more harmonious and tacit sex life.

Seventh paragraph: Fun underwear can enhance the interests of both parties

Interest underwear can increase the taste of couples and achieve better sex.The companionship of sexy underwear makes the sexual pleasure of both sides fully and achieve a climax sex experience.For example, a yellow sexy underwear will increase the passion of both parties to a certain extent.

Eighth paragraph: sexy underwear can relieve the embarrassment in sexual life

In sexual life, there may be some embarrassing situations.For example, undress on inconvenient occasions, or shyness when you first encounter.Wearing erotic underwear can solve these problems well, making the process of sex smoother and natural.

Paragraph 9: Interesting underwear can enhance the creativity of both parties

Wearing sexy underwear can enhance the creativity of both sides and create a more interesting and creative sex experience.Interest underwear itself is an element. Both sides can use their imagination to create a unique sex journey.

Tenth paragraph: Conclusion: Interests of underwear make sex more freely

Based on the above analysis, we can see the positive effect of sexy underwear on sex.They can mobilize sexual desire, increase sexual adventure, alleviate the sexual rhythm of both parties, and increase the sexual confidence and autonomy of women.Interest underwear can also increase communication and communication between couples, alleviate the embarrassment in sexual life.It can be seen that wearing sexy underwear can make sex more free and more colorful.

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