Wear a messy jacket with boyfriend

Wear a messy jacket with boyfriend

Wearing a fun underwear between partners is a way to enhance feelings and ignite passion.Of course, choosing the right sexy underwear is crucial.This article will introduce the benefits of wearing sexy underwear and how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.At the same time, we will discuss some of the skills and suggestions of wearing sexy underwear with our partners.

1. The benefits of sexy underwear

There are many benefits to wearing sex underwear.First of all, wearing sexy underwear can improve self -confidence.When you wear sexy underwear, you will feel more beautiful, more attractive and confident.Secondly, wearing sexy underwear can improve the relationship between husband and wife.Interest underwear can enhance emotion and intimacy, making couples closer.Third, wearing sexy underwear can make sex more exciting and interesting.Sex underwear can ignite passion and increased attractiveness.

2. How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is an important task.First, consider your body and personal taste.Different figures and tastes require different underwear styles.Second, consider the taste of your partner.Although you are to make yourself feel good, you still need to consider whether your partner appreciates your choices.Finally, consider the occasion and purpose.Selecting sexy underwear suitable for occasions and purposes will enhance your performance and effect.

3. Choose a style that boyfriends like

Wearing sexy underwear with a partner needs to consider the taste and preference of the partner.If you are a woman, you can choose your boyfriend’s favorite style.Women’s erotic underwear is usually divided into comfortable and sexy types. You can choose the right style according to the taste of your boyfriend.If you are a male, you can choose the style that his girlfriend likes carefully and surprise her.

4. Make sure you are suitable for you and your partner

Interest underwear is not an usual underwear, so it is crucial to ensure that the size is in line with your body and your partner.If your underwear is too small or too large, it will not be easy to wear and affect the effect.Similarly, if you choose a size that is not suitable for your partner, it will cause uncomfortable and embarrassing to yourself and your partner.

5. Avoid choosing a style that is too exposed

The purpose of sexy underwear is to increase passion, but not to disclose all secrets.Therefore, avoid choosing too exposed styles, because doing so may make the partner feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.Choosing a moderate exposure style can make you and your partner feel comfortable and confident.

6. With high heels and accessories

Interest underwear can not create a perfect effect by relying on the underwear itself. With high heels and accessories, it can achieve better results.High heels can increase height and posture, making the overall sexy index higher.Accessories can increase the details and attractions of dressing.

7. Pay attention to the balance between sexy and comfortable

Interest underwear is not only sexy, and comfort is also the key.Wearing sexy and comfortable sexy underwear can achieve better results, increase your confidence and comfort.Choose sexy underwear suitable for your body, and pay attention to the feeling of fabric and dressing.

8. Adjust the state and atmosphere

You need to relax with your partner’s sexy underwear, adjust your state and atmosphere.You can try to enjoy the atmosphere of music, aromatherapy, and romantic, which helps relax and adjust your state.At the same time, pay attention to adjusting the status and atmosphere of the partner moderately so that they can feel your passion and desire.

In short, wearing sexy underwear with partners is a way to enhance feelings and stimulate passion.Choose the underwear style, size and comfort that suits you and your partner. Pay attention to adjusting your state and atmosphere, and you will get a more perfect and unforgettable experience.

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