Virgin wearing sexy underwear

First experience of wearing sex underwear

For many women, wearing erotic underwear must be a novel and interesting thing.However, this is a more complicated experience for virgin.As the first sexy lingerie, virgins need to consider many physiological and psychological problems.In this article, we will explore how to make virgins better enjoy the fun brought by wearing sexy underwear.

Choose comfortable sexy underwear

For virgins who try to wear sexy underwear for the first time, pay attention to choosing a comfortable and suitable underwear.First, ensure that the size is consistent with your body.Secondly, consider whether the underwear material is suitable for your skin. At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the style of the underwear can modify your body.

Understand your body advantages and disadvantages

When choosing a sexy underwear, the virgin also needs to understand their figure characteristics and choose the style that suits them.If you don’t know your body advantages and disadvantages, you can observe carefully in front of the mirror.For example, if your waist is thick, you can choose some underwear styles that can tighten your waist.

Pay attention to the combination of underwear and skin texture

When virgins choose sexy underwear, they should also pay attention to the similarity of underwear and skin texture.For example, if your skin is smooth and delicate, you can choose some soft underwear.This can not only improve the comfort of underwear, but also increase the beauty of wearing.

Choose the color that suits you

The color of sexy underwear has a large extent affecting wearing effects.Virgin can try to choose some neutral colors such as gray, red, black, white.It will not be too eye -catching to wear this way, but also emphasize your sexy.

Avoid too gorgeous design

When choosing a sexy underwear, virgin should try to avoid choosing too gorgeous and complex designs.Such underwear will be distracted and psychologically nervous.If you want to improve your self -confidence and sexy degree, you still need to choose a simple and generous and reasonable design of underwear.

Consider occasion and object

When a virgin wears sexy underwear, she also needs to consider the occasion and object.If you are a friend’s party, you can choose some more exciting styles; if you are with your beloved, you need to choose a more private and hazy underwear.

Relax yourself, remove the nervous psychology

Wearing erotic underwear is easy to be restrained and nervous.At this time, virgin needs to learn to relax and remove the tension.You can choose to listen to music, watch movies, etc. to relax your mood.

Actively try different ways to wear

When the virgins are trying to wear sexy underwear, they can actively try different ways to wear.For example, after matching high heels, stockings and other accessories, the effect will be better.After adjusting the location of the sexy underwear and adjusting your own form, some activities such as dance may be better.


Although wearing a sexy underwear makes the virgin feel a little uncomfortable, as long as you master the correct way and skills, you can feel the fun of sexy underwear.Let’s try it now to discover your sexy and release your charm.

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