Washing of sexy underwear washing machine

Sexy underwear is the most unique and special type of modern women’s underwear, which is a combination of sexy and fascinated.However, many people do not know how to clean and maintain them correctly.In this article, we will explore how to use the washing machine to clean the sexy underwear.Here are some precautions about washing sex underwear you need to know.

# 1. Classified cleaning

First of all, you need to clean up sexy underwear and daily underwear.This is because sexy underwear is usually made of thinner, lighter and more sensitive materials, and they need more professional attention to avoid any damage.For sexy underwear with hot and fixed quilts, it is best to wash them.They need to be more gentle to avoid tearing and drying, so they are not suitable for using washing machines.

# 2. Tag label

In order to ensure the correct treatment of sexy underwear, it is recommended to classify and label them.Tags can help identify the type of underwear and proper cleaning.This can avoid the underwear from being washed or entangled with other clothes.

# 3. Use cold water

Sex underwear should be washed in cold water.This is because hot water may cause dyes and deformation of the material.If you are willing, you can soak the underwear in warm water for a few minutes, but don’t rub them.

# 4. Women’s underwear washing agent

It is necessary to use detergent, but you need to choose a detergent suitable for sexy underwear.Women’s underwear washing agents are a special detergent that protects underwear materials without causing stimulation.At the same time, the elasticity and quality of sexy underwear can be maintained.

# 5. Make sure that cleaning is thorough

Bacteria or other harmful substances may be hidden in any corner of the sexy underwear, so it is important to ensure that cleaning is completely important.During the washing process, rubbing underwear to ensure that all areas are cleaned appropriately.It is best to avoid using a soft agent or dryer.These will destroy the materials and shapes of sexy underwear.

# 6. Handwash

Washing sexy underwear may be the best choice, especially for soft texture underwear.Use warm water and ladies underwear, gently rub the underwear.Then rinse with cold water and dry it naturally.

# 7. Dry

Sex underwear is usually not suitable for dryer drying.Because the texture of these underwear is soft and fragile, drying may destroy their materials and shapes.It is best to hang them in a place where air circulation and make sure your sexy underwear is dried in sunlight.

# 8. Storage method

Finally, you need to store sexy underwear correctly to ensure that it is not damaged.Fold them and place them in the drawer, and flatten them with cardboard or tissue to avoid placing some heavy objects on the top and cause the underwear shape to deform.

in conclusion

In general, the process of cleaning and maintaining sexy underwear requires patience and carefulness.You need time and energy to clean them, and pay attention to their material types and maintenance methods.If you deal with them correctly, they will last and can meet your needs for a long time.

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