Victoria Model Fun Underwear Show

New York Victoria Model Sexy Lingerie Show Great

In November each year, Victoria’s Fashion Show always becomes a big focus in the fashion industry.In 2018, one of the surprises of Wei Mi Show was that the models wore a variety of sexy and charming sexy underwear styles.These new sexy underwear show women’s beauty and sexy, get rid of the traditional tightening and restraint, and make women more freely show their charm.

Balance beauty and comfort

For sexy underwear, balance beauty and comfort are crucial.In the Victoria’s Secret Show, the designers know this deeply, and cleverly applied elements such as lace, embroidery, or perspective in the design of underwear, to create beautiful and practical works.In addition, these underwear also have high elasticity, which can fit well well, so that people can enjoy a comfortable feeling when wearing.

Diversified styles and colors

Sexy underwear is no longer limited to black and red, and the sexy underwear on the Victoria’s Secret Show is a diversified route.The colors and styles of these underwear are all -out, from tender pink to luxurious golden, from sexy three -point style to a variety of different conjoined underwear, different designs and colors to meet the different needs of different women.

Unique detail design

We can see many unique designs on the sexy underwear show of Vili Model.There is a hollow design on the back, which is unique to wear.There is also the jewelry drilled from the lace, which adds the gorgeous feeling of the entire underwear.The clever use of these small details makes the entire underwear more special.

Various fabric selection

In the Victoria’s Secret Show, we can not only see common lace, silk and other fabrics, but also many innovative materials and fabrics, such as feathers, acrylics, cork, etc., as well as materials made of knitted technology.These materials and different fabric combinations make the underwear more special color and texture.

Sexy, atmospheric accessories

Victoria’s sexy underwear will also be equipped with fashionable accessories.Some underwear will be added with a bow or a stream, and some will be paired with gloves, wings and other accessories, so that the model’s display on the catwalk is more visually impactful.

More fixed models and popular models

Interest underwear is not only a sexy dance or candlelight dinner artifact, but also a popular way of dressing.The feeling of fixed models and popular models is different.The sexy underwear on the Wei Mi Show has a sense of popularity, and some underwear has not been out of date after wearing it for many years.

The chest shape and waist are not omitted

Every sexy underwear displayed on the show is carefully selected and carefully cut, which allows every woman wearing these underwear to fully show their curves and charm.Whether it is a flat chest or a plump chest, whether it is a high waist or a long waist, you can find the style that suits you in these underwear.


Victoria’s Model Fun Underwear Show shows not only the beauty and design of the underwear, but also an expression of women’s freedom and body autonomy.Yes, sexy underwear is no longer the mysterious existence in your dreams and fantasy, but has become a part of modern women’s confidence and beauty.

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