The crotch under the sexy underwear

The crotch under the sexy underwear

As a special clothing, sexy underwear is diverse in style and design, and the crotch may be the most doubtful and curious part.Let’s take a look at the crotch under the sexy underwear.

1. Types of crotch

The crotch of sexy underwear is mainly divided into two types: open crotch and closed crotch.An open crotch is usually a small mouth or suture in the pussy position to facilitate interesting activities or sex activities.The closed crotch is not open or cloth, similar to ordinary underwear.

2. Use scene of open crotch crotch

The open crotch is mainly designed to facilitate sex activities.When performing sexual activities, you don’t need to take off your clothes throughout your body, just open the crotch, convenient and fast.Therefore, on the sexual parties or private situations, open crotch and crotch will be more popular.

3. Applicability of open crotch crotch

Open crotch is suitable for all gender, including men and women.In terms of design, the sexual panties of men mostly use open crotch design, which are relatively small for women.

4. Material of the crotch

The crotch material of sex underwear has changed due to different styles.Generally, the material of the open crotch and crotch will be made of soft cloth or lace material to ensure comfort and touch. Some sexual panties are made of silicone and other materials.

5. Factors of crotch design

The design factors of the crotch include gender, personal preference, dance or performance needs.In terms of gender, the design of men and women’s crotch will be different. Men’s crotch will be larger, and women’s crotch needs to take care of sexy and comfortable.In dance or performance, the crotch design must take into account the unique visual effects to attract the attention of the audience.

6. Hygiene of the crotch

When choosing a sexy underwear, especially on the crotch of the crotch, pay attention to the problem of hygiene.It is best to choose the material of environmentally friendly, clean -free sexy underwear, and avoid sharing with others to ensure personal hygiene and safety.

7. Maintenance method of crotch

The crotch of sexy underwear is more tested than ordinary underwear.For the open crotch crotch, it should be cleaned in time after each use to prevent the possibility of breeding bacteria.At the same time, it cannot be scrubbed or violently twisted. A soft cleaning agent should be used to dry and dry it naturally.

8. Suitable for crotch on different occasions

In different occasions, choosing the right crotch can make you look more confident and beautiful when wearing sexy underwear.For example, in sexual activities, the selected sexy open crotch can add interest; in daily life, closed crotch crotch can be more hidden and more suitable.

Viewpoint: The crotch design of sexy underwear needs to be diverse. You need to choose the appropriate crotch style according to your own needs and occasions, and pay attention to hygiene and maintenance.

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