That star wearing a sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a kind of underwear that can improve women’s sexy charm. More and more women are starting to try such costumes, and some of these stars at the forefront of fashion have become their spokespersons.

First place: Goddess Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing appeared in the movie "Killing Wolf 2" in a sexy underwear, which caused heated discussion among everyone.Fan Bingbing is tall and more charming to wear sexy underwear, and her shape has also become the object of many fans.

Second place: National sister Lin Yilian

At a concert, Lin Yilian wore a translucent sexy underwear not only showed her graceful figure, but also brought a different sexy experience to the audience.

Third place: Sexy Goddess Avril

Whether in the MV or on the stage, Avril always put on various unique sexy underwear shapes and shows her sexy wild side.Her shape is also sought after by many young women in the world.

Fourth place: Spicy Queen Hot Mom Cecilia Cheung

Although he has retired for many years, Cecilia Cheung’s sexy image has always existed in people’s memory.She once put on sexy underwear in an interview show, showing her charming side, and letting many people dump.

Fifth place: Zeng Li

In "Ode to Joy 2", the role played by Zeng Li wore a variety of sexy sexy underwear, which made people want to find out.This shape has also become a highlight of the play and is sought after by many fans.

Sixth place: Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun appeared in a white sexy underwear in a fashion activity. She was more charming under this shape.As a result, she has become a fashion model for many women.

Seventh place: Tang Yan

Tang Yan wore various styles of sexy underwear in the TV series "Fairy Sword and Magic Biography III", which made people shine.Her shape has also become the object of many fans of the show.

Eighth place: Liu Yuxin

The former beauty pageant Liu Yuxin also tried to wear sexy underwear, showing her graceful figure and sexy side.Her shape also brought fun to many women.


The sexy underwear of these stars not only shows their sexy charm, but also gives modern women some ideas.We might as well try such underwear to better show women’s own charm.

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