Sexy underwear varieties and prices

Sexy underwear varieties and prices


Interest underwear is a clothing commonly used in modern people in sex. It can increase the interaction and fun of sexual life, and let people enjoy the process of sex more.There are many types of sexy underwear on the market, please see the following.


Stockings are one of the products with the highest use rate in sexy underwear, and the price is relatively close to the people, generally between 20 yuan and 100 yuan.Its types are sexy lame stockings, net socks, ultra -thin and transparent stockings, meat -colored stockings, etc., which can match the sexy and charming effects with various different styles of sex.


Button Front Lounge Set – 6508

The sexy underwear suit is a set of sex products such as hoodie, pants skirts, pantyhose, stockings, etc., which is a matching product of sexy underwear.The price ranges from 50 yuan to 1,000 yuan. The quality is proportional to the price. Generally, the high -quality Freon material suits are relatively high, but the service life will be longer.

SM props set

The SM props mainly include raid belts, handcuffs, aes, neck cases and other sex equipment props. Some sets also contain some mouthball, eye mask and hood.The price of high -quality props with high quality of adults will be higher in high -quality props.


Underwear is also a kind of sexy underwear. It mainly includes underwear, bra, thong, etc. It is a type of underwear used in daily life. The production process is higher and the price is higher.Generally, there will be a small amount of underwear in the sexy lingerie set, but the quality and style are limited.

Artificial breast

Artificial breasts are mainly used for female breast defects or excessive auxiliary milk after reconstruction. Iron frames and pads are their main constituent materials. The materials are different and the price is different. Generally, between 1,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan.Factors such as materials and design complexity vary.Some brands will use high -end materials to make artificial breasts and implant micro sensors, which can make users feel more truly comfortable.


Lace Beauty Back is a sexual product that is popular in women, mainly containing vests, suspenders and other clothing decorations.The advantage of lace beauty is that it will not cause harm to human skin, high comfort, and high beauty.The price ranges from 50 yuan to 500 yuan. It is suitable for various occasions and is an important part of sexy underwear.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy skirt

Sexy skirts are also a kind of sexy underwear. Sexy, charming, bold, etc. are all their characteristics. After wearing it, not only can I regulate emotions, release romance, but also effectively different from other sexy lingerie. The price is from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan.between.

Chest sticker

The chest sticker is also a more important one in the sexy underwear. It is mainly attached to the chest to play a strong breast effect. At the same time, it can also add a few two meats to give you a perfect curve.The price of the chest sticker is mainly about 30 yuan to 100 yuan.

Massage stick

The massage stick is a kind of sexy supplies, designed for a better sexual life, because it is soft and comfortable, full of flesh, and the price is relatively close to the people. Generally, 40Z to 200 yuan can be used to choose from.

in conclusion

The above is the types and price information of sexy underwear related products that we introduce to you.In the process of purchasing the product, you need to choose from your own needs, and pay attention to ensuring the quality and health and safety factors of your body.Of course, the most important thing is to enjoy the moment of sex and maintain a healthy physical condition.