Zhengli Yiwu has no bottom -up sexy underwear show


In the afternoon of late autumn, it was lively inside the Yiwu International Expo Center.The annual erotic underwear exhibition was held here, which attracted many audiences inside and outside the court.

1. What is sexy underwear?

Sex underwear, also known as sexy underwear, refers to underwear with special design, materials and styles to highlight sexy charm and increase interest and romantic atmosphere.It usually uses lace, perspective, hollow, mesh and other materials, which allows women to reflect the bold, confident and enthusiastic side.

2. Ding underwear is criticized

Although sexy underwear is known for sexy, at this exhibition, some out -of -field people proposed dissatisfaction with bottom underwear.Bottom underwear refers to a very strict design requirements. In addition to the underwear itself, female models also need to wear pantyhose, high heels and other primers when wearing.However, many models were wearing ordinary pantyhose at this exhibition, which was accused of violating the strict requirements of the bottom.

3. Welcome

Although the requirements are observed, of course, there will be violations.However, no bottom underwear show is quickly popular in the exhibition.This form makes more models more comfortable and natural, and can also visually show the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear more truthfully.

4. Personalized design

Without a bottoming underwear show, it can also highlight the very individual design of sexy underwear.For example, some underwear uses special materials and shapes, design the follow -up system with strong charm, or a mask with moderate hardness, so that women are wearing sexy underwear while cooperating with proper makeup and hairstyles to rejuvenate the charm of women.Was widely praised by the audience.

5. Personal labels are remembered

The model of the entire exhibition has a label with a very personality and personality.These labels make the audience more clearly recognize the connotation of underwear and the charm of women, not just staying on the appearance.From sexy beauties, charming young women to sexy mothers, the temperament and personality displayed by each model makes people feel the true connotation of sexy underwear.

6. The appearance of beauty and ugliness varies from material materials

The appearance of sexy underwear is closely related to materials.Most of the recently popular sexy underwear adopts very creative design in fabrics, lines, and other aspects.Such as delicate lace edges, high elastic color fabrics, fresh strawberry patterns … Let women wear sexy underwear while achieving the effect of happy mood.

7. Successful Beatles Elements

Of course, sexy underwear is not only sexy and romantic, but also some other elements can be added.Just as a set of underwear with the theme of Beatles, when wearing such a set of underwear, women seem to fully express their personality, independent and free attitude, and successfully attract the attention of many audiences.

8. How to choose sexy underwear?

For some male customers who do n’t know much about sexy underwear, how to choose sex underwear?When traveling to the shopping website or sex products store, you must first clarify your needs and body characteristics, and select the suitable style of the size; in addition, you need to pay attention to a series of factors such as quality, comfort, and cleaning methods.

9. The effect of sexy underwear on women’s psychology

Wearing erotic underwear has a positive impact on women’s psychology.It allows women to get rid of the feeling of tangling and shyness, and show their sexy and charm more confident and bold.Wearing sexy underwear can relax emotions, which can help relieve stress, but also bring joy and relaxation.

10. Summary view

There is no basewear show at the exhibition, allowing us to feel the charm of sexy underwear closer to us. Interest underwear is not only emphasizing sexy and romantic, but also an important way to reflect women’s personality and charm.Interesting underwear, let women get rid of shyness and show themselves more freely and confidently.