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Types of sex underwear

Interest underwear is divided into many types, of which the sexy underwear is popular.Open sexy underwear is a product with a nightclub, which is usually related to sex and touch.The characteristics of this underwear are that they have small holes in the hip area, and there is no rear cover area, so the hips are exposed.Although the sexy underwear is sexy, not everyone can wear it.Wearing this underwear requires confidence and courage.

The benefits of opening sexy underwear

There are many benefits of opening the sexy underwear, the most obvious of which is enhanced stimulation.Wearing this underwear can promote a healthy sex life, so that you and your partner can enjoy more fun.In addition, you can improve self -confidence and self -esteem and make you more attractive in bed.

Suitable for people who wear open -stalls sexy underwear

Not everyone is suitable for wearing a sexy underwear.Generally speaking, those who seek novelty and adventure are suitable for wearing this underwear.In addition, people wearing sexy underwear should have confidence and courage, and think that they have an amazing figure and charm.

Choose a sexy lingerie that suits you

When you choose to open the sexy underwear, you should give priority to the underwear that is suitable for your body.It is recommended to find a style that is suitable for your body. If you have a turbulent hip and a long thigh, then you should choose a longer style.In addition, notice that your partner’s preference is also very important. You want to surprise and excite your partner, and you can convert your style.

With underwear and other clothing

It is also important to match underwear and other costumes. You can try other accessories such as stockings and high heels.The color of clothing is also very important. Try to match symmetrical colors and postures as much as possible, highlight your advantages, and enhance the degree of sexy.

How to maintain the opening and sexy underwear

Interest underwear requires fine maintenance.It is recommended that you wash and use a soft agent to avoid using a bleach and dryer, and use a towel when drying.In addition, uncomfortable and excessive stretching underwear should be processed in time, leaving only the most suitable underwear.

The security of the sexy underwear

Interesting the sexy underwear is relatively safe, and you need to pay attention when you wear it.Specific posture may cause underwear hooks or other parts to hook your skin, causing trauma.Therefore, when using open crotch underwear, it is recommended to use a safe block technology to link the underwear to be fixed to avoid accidents.

The price of the sexy underwear on the file

The price of sexy underwear is not fixed. Their price depends on factors such as materials, manufacturing processes, and brands.Relatively speaking, the higher the brand, the higher the quality of the underwear, and the higher the price of the underwear.

Open the brand of sexy underwear

There are many brands in the market to sell sexy underwear. Due to the different materials and craftsmanship, their prices will be different.Some brands such as Agent Provocateur, La Perla, and Bluebella are very good -looking and high -quality.


Finally, there are so many styles of sexy underwear in the market. Before choosing to open the sexy underwear, it is recommended that you first understand the characteristics of your body and find your own advantages.Although wearing a sexy underwear enhanced sexual stimulation and improved sexy, it has requirements for self -confidence and courage.Pay attention to safety issues when wearing open crotch panties.The most important thing is that trying the sexy underwear of different brands to find the one that suits you best.

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