Young woman selfie sexy underwear


In the Internet era, young women are more and more popular.One of the more important elements is undoubtedly sexy sexy underwear.In the selfie of young women, sexy underwear plays a vital role. It can not only highlight the figure, but also enrich the picture composition in form, increase the visual stimulus and interest, and make the photos more attractive.This article will make a detailed introduction to the young women’s selfies.

Positioning and style

The positioning and style of sexy underwear is mainly determined according to different use goals and charming styles.

For young women’s selfies, it is mainly recommended to select sexy, playful and vibrant style, integrate cute cartoon elements, or exquisite designs that pay attention to details, making underwear more interesting.You can choose a variety of different styles such as soft girl style, sports style, kimono style, lolita style, princess style, lace lace.

Material and style

The material and style of erotic underwear are directly related to its comfort and aesthetics.

In terms of material selection, it is recommended to choose soft materials, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc., and pay attention to add an appropriate amount of elastic ingredients to enhance the comfort of the underwear.In terms of style, you can choose a variety of different styles according to the proportion and style of the body, such as off -the -shoulder, back, hanging neck, vest, conjoined body, lonely skirt, etc.It should be noted that the choice of style should be as consistent with your temperament and personality as much as possible.

Selection of color

In terms of color selection, thinking about your personality and temperament is very important.

For lively and cheerful and enthusiastic women, you can choose some distinctive and creative colors, such as fluorescent green, wine red, violet, blue, etc.For women who are gentle, soft, quiet and restrained, they can choose soft and romantic colors, such as pink, rice white, light purple and so on.It should be noted that the color of the underwear should be settled with the skin tone to achieve the effect.


In addition to the underwear itself, appropriate accessories can also add a lot to selfie pictures.

For example, you can wear some metal decorations, such as necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, etc., or wearing some well -behaved cards and fixtures, thereby increasing your charming charm.At the same time, you can also choose a partner shirt, sheets, curtains, etc. as the background to make the picture composition richer and diverse.

Shooting skills

In addition to the above selection skills, composition and skills in taking pictures are also very important.

First of all, choose the appropriate shooting angle and posture, such as lying on the side, side lying, etc., which can more highlight the chest curve and waist curve.In addition, pay attention to natural lights and shadows, as well as suitable background cooperation, such as taking pictures in a sunny outdoor environment.

Later treatment

The post -processing of the photo is another way to increase the beauty and interest of the photo.

You can use various picture processing software, such as PS, Lightroom, etc., adjust the color, clarity, contrast and other aspects of photos, and add some artistic effect filters to make the photo more artistic and interesting.

Share and display

After completing the photo shooting and post -processing, the ultimate purpose is to share and display with more people.

You can publish photos on personal social accounts, such as Weibo, circle of friends, etc., to show more people through social media.At the same time, you can also participate in various photography competitions and exhibitions to show your artistic talents and win more fans and attention for yourself.

Social risk

In the process of sharing and display, there are also certain risk issues.

First of all, you need to pay attention not to directly expose the content of too privacy, such as facial features.In addition, be careful not to suffer the problems of harassment and infringement, such as adding watermarks and other protection methods can effectively avoid such problems.


Young women’s selfie sexy underwear is an important part of the current online sex selfie, with sufficient aesthetics and fun.Pay attention to the following points in selecting and matching: positioning and style, material and style, color selection, accessories matching, shooting skills, post -processing and sharing and display, and social risk in order to better realize their own display and display andCharm presentation.However, it should be noted that selection and matching according to their own situation can better play the charm of these skills.

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