You have fun underwear

Interest underwear is a sexy, artistic and teasing underwear, which increases interest, improves the monotonousness in sex, and strengthens the feelings between husband and wife. Therefore, it has attracted much attention in recent years.This article will introduce some related knowledge of sexy underwear from the aspects of "the type of sexy underwear", "the characteristics of each type", "how to choose and wearing precautions".

1. Stockings series

Stockings series is a kind of sexy underwear.This underwear is transparent, and you can see the outline and curve of the body.According to different materials and grid size, it is divided into various types.

2. Lace series

The lace series is also a transparent material sexy underwear.The fabrics of this underwear are lace, so its beauty, elegance and sexy are not controversial.

3. Uniform series

The uniform series is a special underwear wearing professional clothes, such as students, stewardess, police and other occupations.This underwear brings a different, mysterious psychological experience.

Fourth, leather series

The leather series is a very irritating type in sexy underwear.Because its fabrics are all leather, with a heavy and flexible texture.And this texture makes many people who like SM love it.

Five, set series

The set series is a style that contains all elements such as dresses, socks, gloves, and masks. It can make people transform into a mysterious, high -level lady.

6. Underwear that makes the chest more stand up

This underwear is called "cake bras" or "Bobo bra." There is no fatal beauty characteristic, but a soft cotton, which can close the breasts and make the breast even more prominent.

Seven, sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are a kind of sexy underwear, and sometimes it can be called "home underwear".Especially in the summer season, choosing a sexy pajamas can not only make people feel light and comfortable, but also make people’s sleeping positions more beautiful.

8. How to choose sex underwear

When buying sexy underwear, we should pay attention to some details.For example, fabrics, purchases, and choosing a healthy and excellent brand are also very important.

Nine, what should I pay attention to when wearing sex underwear

Warm reminder, do not rush to wear after buying sexy underwear.Do not use the washing machine to wash, and prevent the use of chemical cleaner as much as possible.

10. Conclusion

The special nature of sexy underwear is to stimulate marriage life, increase desire, develop jokes, increase interest, and play a very core role.As long as they listen to their hearts, everyone can find their favorite styles.

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