You can be directly in sex underwear without washing

Understand the nature of love underwear

Interest underwear is usually made of silk, wool, nylon and other materials. These materials can easily absorb body fluids, white blood cells, and bacteria. If they are not cleaned in time, these bacteria will cause infection.

The matching of underwear materials and cleaning methods

When choosing sexy underwear, you must not only choose the materials according to your preference, but also consider the feasibility of cleaning methods, such as hand washing and machine washing.For easy -to -wash materials, you can choose to wash and use neutral detergent.

The benefits of using underwear cleaning fluid

Interest underwear cleaning solution is designed for sexy underwear. It contains the ingredients of decontamination, sterilization, and disinfection. It can completely clean the underwear and avoid residual stains and bacterial residues.

Pay attention to the temperature control of the underwear

When cleaning sex underwear, pay attention to the control of water temperature to avoid too high or too low temperature, so as not to cause damage to underwear materials.At the same time, avoid using bleach and over drying, which will destroy the elasticity and shape of the underwear.

How to dry after cleaning

After cleaning underwear, you can choose to dry or dry naturally.If you choose to dry the sun, avoid exposure in strong sunlight to avoid deformation of the material.If possible, you can choose to disinfect or use the dryer to dry quickly.

Replace sexy underwear regularly

Interest underwear is a densely affixed to the skin. It is easy to wear, deform, discolored, and the bacteria are prone to babbing for a long time.Therefore, sexual underwear should be replaced regularly to maintain hygiene and comfort.

The relationship between underwear and women’s private parts

The microbial environment of women’s private parts is fragile. If the sexy underwear is not cleaned in time, the materials will adsorb bacteria, urine, secretions, etc., which will cause private parts to infection.Therefore, pay attention to maintaining sexy underwear, which can protect both underwear and protect private hygiene.

Frequent erotic underwear cleaning misunderstandings

Some people think that erotic underwear does not need to be cleaned, or use soap instead of cleaning solution.These cleaning methods are wrong, which can easily lead to problems such as deformation, damage, and bacterial residues of underwear.

Interesting underwear cleaning tips

When cleaning, you can put underwear in the laundry bag to avoid friction and damage.When using a hanger to dry, avoid penetrating underwear to avoid shape deformation.For softer materials, you can roll up with towels and filter excess water.

The importance of sexy underwear cleaning

Sex underwear is a costume that is closely exposed to the skin. Improper cleaning will not only affect the life and shape of the underwear, but also cause human diseases.Therefore, the cleaning of sexy underwear should not be underestimated, and the cleaning products and cleaning methods should be properly selected to maintain hygiene and health.

Viewpoint: The cleaning of sexy underwear is related to hygiene and health. It is recommended to wear it every time, clean and replace it in time to avoid wearing the same underwear for a long time.At the same time, we must understand the materials and cleaning methods of underwear, and choose cleaning supplies correctly to protect the hygiene and health of underwear and private parts.

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