Yang Mi love underwear girl photo Daquan

Yang Mi love underwear girl photo Daquan

Yang Mi is a popular actress in the Chinese film and television circle, and it is also eye -catching with his excellent appearance and figure.In addition to her performance in film and television works, she also often shares her life and dress on social media.Among them, she also has a unique taste and style in sexy underwear.

Small and fresh daily interest

Although the style of clothing on weekdays is fresh and cute, Yang Mi can also show a small and fresh side when matching a sexy underwear.She often chooses underwear with elements such as petals and butterflies. She has a fresh color and a strong sense of petals. It is very beautiful after putting on.

Sexy black charm

Black is the classic of the sexy underwear industry, and Yang Mi also showed the charm of black underwear on many occasions.Through the upgrade of fluorescent color and material, underwear is more unsatisfactory while exposing.And Yang Mi’s good figure also adds the icing on the icing on the sexy effect of black underwear.

Back sexy temptation

In addition to the color and material matching, the underwear style is also very important.When choosing underwear, Yang Mi will choose a backless design.Exposing sexy skin can not only increase intimacy and temptation, but also better reflect the chest and long shoulder lines.

Red sexy girl

Red is the color of sexy underwear, and it is also full of temptation.Yang Mi wore red underwear to give people a strong visual impact, and her lip red tooth white increased the charm of the girl.You can add elements such as lace or lace to red underwear, which is more attractive.

All transparent lace shadow

If the underwear is transparent, it is particularly important for rich details and lace.Yang Mi put on a fully transparent underwear, and the lace and sexy see -through line complement each other.Although it looks bold, the underwear is not exposed, but gently emit the goddess’s aura.

Sexy striped swimsuit

When Yang Mi appeared at the airport, she once wore black and white striped underwear with denim shorts, exposing the exquisite curve.In contrast, striped underwear can better reflect the youthful vitality and health elements on Yang Mi.

Deep V hook flower underwear

Deep V underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. It often makes the neck and chest lines more slender, such as Yang Mi’s deep V hook flower underwear.The color and style of the underwear are very simple, while the design of the deep V makes the entire underwear more visually impact.

Irregular wild underwear

No publicity and irregular design always bring wild atmosphere to underwear.In the personal photo uploaded on Weibo on Weibo, there is a matching photo of wearing irregular lace underwear. The sexy elements and charm in the photo are more natural and exposed.

Simple Atmospheric underwear

In a market with rich lingerie, sometimes simple and atmospheric underwear can better reflect the taste and elegance of women.For example, when Yang Mi was shooting a large blockbuster, he was wearing the basic black bra, a coat, and a beautiful style, still attracting the attention of many people.


The culture and charm of erotic underwear are a form of beauty, and it is also positive on the front of women’s self -confidence and charm.As an actor and fashion icon, Yang Mi has shown its unique aesthetic concept.Through her sexy underwear girl, we can better understand and explore the charm of the matching of sexy underwear.

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