Yang Guifei sexy underwear photo pictures Daquan

Yang Guifei sexy underwear photo pictures Daquan

1: Yang Guifei sexy underwear suit

This Yang Guifei sexy lingerie suit uses a large number of satin and gauze as fabrics. The chic design and antique color make people think of the legendary beautiful Tang Guifei.

Second paragraph: Yang Guifei sexy underwear pajamas set

"Independent cold autumn, the north of the Xiangjiang River, orange continent. Look at the mountains of all mountains, the forests are dyed;This sexy underwear is playful and sexy. It uses dark blue as the main, with rose petal patterns, which makes people feel comfortable, but it is sexy.

Third paragraph: Yang Guifei Rose Instead Innerwear

This Yang Guifei Rose Intellectual Underwear uses high -quality lace fabrics, exuding a strong artistic atmosphere, unique design and exquisite workmanship, which can make the body lines more beautiful, and the wonderful feeling of time and space makes people intoxicated.

Fourth paragraph: Yang Guifei white color and sexy underwear

The white sexy underwear is more skinny and the power of life. This Yang Guifei white color sexy underwear shows the noble and elegant of the beauty Yang Guifei of the Tang Dynasty. It has a strong oriental cultural atmosphere.Extremely high quality.

Fifth paragraph: Yang Guifei sweet love lingerie

This sexy underwear is based on sweet pale purple, carefully embroidered with pink flowers and dark gold ribbons, revealing an elegant and beautiful temperament, especially suitable for female friends who want to show women’s charm and temperament.

Sixth: Yang Guifei Pink Intellectual Lingerie

Pink sexy underwear has always been the favorite of women, and this Yang Guifei pink and sexy underwear is even more amazing.The exquisite lace lace and sweet pink tone create an atmosphere full of romance and feminine aroma, which can not only shape the sweet and natural sweetness, but also show the sexy temptation of mature women.

Paragraph 7: Yang Guifei Black Sexy Lover

Black is a classic color, and the most classic of sexy underwear is black. Yang Guifei Black color and sexy underwear use high -end fabrics, which has a more gorgeous texture in light. At the same time, excellent tailoring makes this underwear fit the body curve, sexy but notOutstanding beauty is definitely the perfect choice of noble, luxurious and sexy in the hearts of women.

8th paragraph: Yang Guifei red color sexy underwear

Red is another very representative classic color in sexy underwear, which exudes the sexy and charming of women. Yang Guifei’s red color erotic underwear not only reflects the unique style of Eastern women, but also shows a strong visual impact, which is in line with women.The elegance and fashion needs in your heart.

Nine: Yang Guifei lace sexy underwear

As the leader in lace underwear, Yang Guifei lace sexy underwear uses the most superior fabric and the highest super craftsmanship, which perfectly interprets the essence of the classic underwear category of lace underwear.The border of lace is very clear, it is a guarantee of quality, which is very suitable for women who are pursuing high -quality.

Paragraph 10: Yang Guifei V V viswear underwear

This Yang Guifei sexy underwear uses V -neck as the design feature, highlighting and highlighting the beautiful curve of the chest, and the texture and pattern fully reflect the fashion and attention of the underwear.It feels instantly overflowing.


The above is the introduction of Yang Guifei’s sexy underwear. Each one is representative and unique, which can not only show the sexy charm of women, but also make women show an elegant temperament.No matter what style, it can give women the quality of enjoyment and shock, it is worth trying!

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