Xiaomei Wenting Jelly

Introduction to Xiaomei Instead

Xiaomei is a sexy underwear brand that has not been established. It is sought after by the majority of young women with sexy, avant -garde, and personalized design style.Many small plums are unique in color. The design inspiration comes from the trend of international trends. It respects the way of wearing freedom and meets the aesthetic needs of modern women.

Xiaomei Soywear Style

Xiaomei’s sexy lingerie has a variety of types, including beautiful back underwear, gathered underwear, no trace underwear, swimsuit, stockings, sexy suspenders, etc.Among them, the characteristic styles are:

Deep V underwear: low -cut design, showing women’s sexy curves.

Split panties: V -shaped split design to enhance the curve of the groin.

Lace breasts: pleated skirt -style lace design makes the breast more playful and cute.

Hollow underwear: Made of high -quality fabrics, lining mesh design, and showing sexy style through cutting, shaping and other process techniques.

Little Mei Intellectual Underwear Features

The characteristic of Xiaomei’s sex underwear is colorful and rich in use, including red, black, purple, blue, fluorescent color and other colors.At the same time, it is also equipped with many rich flowers, lace, mesh and other elements, which visually shows a visual impact and unique psychedelic effect.

Xiaomei Wet Lingerie Material

Xiaomei Intellectual Underwear is selected from high -quality fabrics. The materials used are colorful. From lace, mesh, sexy yarn to real silk, satin, etc.Details of fashion sports.

Xiaomei Intellectual Underwear Comfort

Xiaomei Intellectual Underwear attaches great importance to comfort, and pays special attention to the wearing experience.The internal steel wire design of the product can effectively improve the body lines and make the support effect of the underwear better.Coupled with the details such as wide shoulder straps and comfortable fabrics, you are more natural and comfortable to wear.

Xiaomei Wet Underwear’s Dressing Tips

Xiaomei sexy underwear is very flexible, and you can try multiple ways to wear.For example, it can be paired with black lace underwear and jeans, or embroidered bras, stockings, etc. to increase your sexy charm.

The use of Xiaomei Wet Underwear

Xiaomei Intellectual Underwear can not only wear it on the bed, but also use it in daily life.You can wear a dress, suspender shirt, etc., or as a home clothing to show a sexy and tempting side.

Maintenance method of Xiaomei sex underwear

Xiaomei’s sexy underwear is also very simple to maintain. It is recommended to use warm water handwashing. Do not use laundry powder and disinfectant to avoid machine washing and dry cleaning as much as possible. Use dry towels to clean the water and place them in a ventilated and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

The price of Xiaomei Wet Underwear

The price of Xiaomei is slightly higher than that of ordinary underwear, but compared to quality, design, comfort and dressing, the price is within a reasonable range.Therefore, when purchasing, you need to make a choice according to your own needs and budgets.


As a fashion sexy underwear brand, Xiaomei Wet Underwear has the characteristics of high -quality, trendy design, comfortable dressing, and reasonable prices, and has won the love of more and more young women.Whether in special occasions or daily wear, you can show you a sexy, confident and personality side.

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