Women’s sexy underwear placket pictures

Women’s sexy underwear placket pictures

As a clothing that is worn only in specific occasions, the types of women’s sex lingerie are quite rich and diverse.The laid -style sexy underwear also occupies a certain proportion in it, and the convenience that does not need to drop underwear is also welcomed by women.The following introduces the knowledge of the classification, purchase and use method of open -style sexy underwear.

1. Classification of placket sexy underwear

The placket -type erotic underwear can be divided into two types: front buckle and side buckle.The front buckle underwear generally means that the front placket can be opened, and there are regulatory buckles similar to BRA, which is very convenient to wear.The side buckle refers to the side of the underwear on the side of the body, which is fixed by the buckle.

Second, buy a gifted sexy underwear

1. Choose a style that suits you

There are many styles of laid -style sexy underwear. Some underwear suitable for showing the chest will adopt a front buckle design to make the chest more full. Other underwear suitable for displaying the waist is used to use side buckles.When purchasing, you can choose the right style according to your own conditions and needs.

2. Understand product material

The material of sexy underwear has a greater impact on the skin, and you need to understand it carefully when buying.High -quality sexy lingerie materials should be soft, comfortable, good, and have a certain degree of telescope.

Third, how to correctly wear open -style sexy underwear

1. Devited size and follow the guidelines at the time of purchase

Fun underwear is prone to size deviation, and wearing unfjrals will make the underwear unable to support the beauty of the chest.When buying, you should carefully check your own size and follow the guidance.

2. Don’t forget to support the chest

Having a beautiful chest is the pride of women, so you cannot ignore the chest when wearing.After tied to underwear, lift the breast up with your hands to make the underwear better support the chest.

3. Pay attention to reducing the situation of local exit

When wearing a placket -like sexy underwear, some parts, such as the hook eyes under the chest, the back straps on the back, the buttons in front, etc., may leave the skin traces or leak out of fat.You should find underwear that is suitable for your size to reduce these traces.

Fourth, how to maintain the open -like sexy underwear

1. Hand washing

The material of the sexy underwear is very special. To ensure the quality and service life of the underwear, you need to wash it by hand with mild soapy water. Do not use the washing machine.

2. Prevent exposure and drying

The material of sexy underwear is mostly easy to damage materials such as silk, lace, etc. It is best not to expose it to the sun, and do not use a dryer to dry.

3. Put in a dry ventilation place

It is best to rinse and clean immediately after using it. It needs to be placed in a ventilated and dry place when drying.

5. Common combination of open -style sexy underwear

1. With lace high waist shorts

With the lace high waist shorts, the buttocks can look more upright, and it looks more perfect for women’s waist and waistline.

2. With thin lace stockings

Thin lace stockings generally have a strong sexy effect. It is best to choose black or fleshy to make it better to match.

6. Correct color matching of opening and sexy underwear

1. With black to increase the sense of mystery

Combined with the shawl and tights in general, it can better highlight ideas, personality and temperament.

2. With red to increase sexy

Together with suspenders and sexy dresses, it can better show charming, lightly and sexy.

Seven, open placket sexy underwear needs attention matters

1. Dress occasion

Although it is convenient to open the placket sexy underwear, it is not suitable for wearing in ordinary daily occasions, it is easy to make people feel disgusting.

2. Pay attention to protect personal privacy

Protecting personal privacy is what everyone should do. Female friends are naturally no exception when wearing placket -style sexy underwear. Pay attention to avoid being peeped or taking photos by others.

8. Summary

As a more special costume, the laid -style sexy underwear seems convenient, but it also requires women to pay attention to related issues such as fit and matching.At the same time, the use and maintenance of underwear must also have relevant knowledge and skills to allow the underwear to play its best use effect.

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