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Interest underwear is a very important part of women’s private life. It allows women to feel confident and sexy, showing women’s unique charm.In recent years, no trace underwear has become a kind of highly sought after in the sexy underwear market. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of non -marked underwear and how to choose.

Features of no trace underwear

The main features of non -marking underwear are the soft and light material, and there is almost no sense of oppression after wearing.In addition, no trace underwear has the characteristics of non -trace, closeness, breathability, etc., and will not appear obvious traces on the pants when wearing, and it is also more suitable for wearing tight clothes.

Types of no trace underwear

At present, there are three types of non -trace underwear on the market::

No trace triangle

Non -trace flat trousers

No trace T pants

The briefs are designed with a streamlined type, suitable for wearing skirts or shorts, and flat trousers are more suitable for tight pants such as jeans than briefs, and T pants are more suitable for tights such as abdominal pants and tight skirts.

How to choose non -trace panties

The following points need to be considered when choosing non -trace underwear:

Size: Pay attention to choosing the right size and try to avoid being too small or too large, otherwise it may affect comfort.

Material: The material of non -trace underwear should be soft, comfortable, breathable, and sweat -absorbing. You can choose the appropriate material according to your own needs.

Elasticity: Choose a sufficient elastic underwear to ensure that it is comfortable and natural, and it will not be too tight or loose.

Color: According to the need to choose the color, it is usually suitable to choose similar to the color of the pants or the flesh color.

Maintenance of no trace underwear

No trace underwear not only requires proper choice, but also very important maintenance.The following are the maintenance suggestions:

Hand washing: It is best to wash hand in hand to avoid blending with other clothes.

Dry: Do not use high temperature to dry, it is best to choose clothes drying.

Do not scald: The texture of no trace underwear is soft, and do not iron it to avoid scalding.

Matching without trace underwear

There are diverse styles of non -trace underwear, and different styles can be selected according to the needs of the dressing style.

Short skirt: no trace triangle pants suitable for wearing short skirts or tights.

Trunk: non -trace flat trousers are suitable for wearing trousers, such as jeans or wide -leg pants.

Tight pants: Warrison T -pants are suitable for wearing abdominal pants, sports tight pants or tights.

Advantages and disadvantages of no trace underwear

The biggest advantage of no trace panties is that it is comfortable to wear, and at the same time, it will not appear obvious traces on the pants when wearing.However, because the fineness of some fabrics is small, its durability is lower than other underwear.

Whether it is suitable for long -term wear

Although no trace underwear is comfortable and soft, long -term wearing without trace underwear is not good for women’s health, because long -term wearing non -marking underwear can easily cause unbearable discomfort such as impermeability, sweltering, humidity, etc., which can easily lead to gynecological problems.

How to wear no trace underwear to be healthier

Although no trace underwear is more beautiful in appearance, in terms of cleaning, we need to choose cleaning and then wear it to avoid long -term wear that will affect hygiene.In addition, you can also control the time of wearing without trace panties at about three hours, and you can wear less or not at home. It is the best choice to keep ventilation and dryness.

How to judge the quality of no trace underwear

The material of good quality -free underwear is soft and elastic, and the wireless head has a color loss. The fabric is flat, detailed, and the touch is smooth.You can also choose high -quality non -trace underwear by paying attention to packaging, labeling, and origin.


Although no trace underwear is a beautiful psychological and chemical effect in women’s lives, it can enhance personal self -confidence and charm, but long -term wear -free underwear that is not conducive to health should be avoided. More importantly, we should choose to be suitableThe underwear of his body is judged by yourself in decision -making.

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