Women’s erotic underwear increase code

Women’s erotic underwear increase code

With the renewal of people’s concepts and diversification of figures, the demand for women’s sex lingerie and large size has continued to increase.Increasing underwear can not only help more full -bodied women who are comparable to slimming women in fashion taste, but also satisfy their sexy and beautiful pursuit of themselves.Below, let’s learn about women’s sexy underwear.

Diverse style

Female sex lingerie and large size are more and more diverse.From traditional tube tops, long -sleeved types to novel conjoined, split type, etc., various styles meet the needs of different women.In terms of color, from classic black and white to red, blue, etc., color matching is colorful, so that women have more choices.

Dedicated to shaping

Increasing the fun underwear is not only providing sexy visual enjoyment for women, but also dedicated to the shape of the body.The use of high -elastic materials and reasonable constructing design makes the underwear perfectly wrapped the body, and it has the effect of collecting parasols, raising chests, and plastic hips to shape the perfect body.

Comfortable experience

The comfort of women’s underwear is crucial, and women’s sexy lingerie and large size are no exception.In order to provide a better comfortable experience, increased code underwear to use soft and comfortable fabrics. It uses non -trace design. Even if it is worn for a long time, it can maintain comfort, which will not cause physical discomfort.


Increasing sexy underwear is also suitable for women with full body but pursuit of thinness.In terms of design, compared to the processing of increased size, it also pays more attention to the effect of weight loss. It aims to create a slender sensation effect through internal structure design, chest support and shaping.

Exquisite details

The details of underwear are undoubtedly the key to increasing quality and aesthetics. Increased sexy underwear in this area is no exception.The treatment of exquisite details such as beads, lace, and trim add texture and gorgeousness to the underwear, so that women can feel high -quality and comfort when wearing.

Help sex

As a prop for sex, the same is true of sexy underwear.Under the premise of satisfying the aesthetics, increasing the sexy underwear has the effect of helping sex.Through design innovation, such as side splits, they are more convenient and comfortable for sex.

Show confidence

It is not uncommon for women to be uneasy and self -confidence in their bodies, and increasing sexy underwear can help them show a more confident side.While sexy, increase the perfect wrapping of size sexy underwear to create a perfect figure, which allows women to find confidence and beauty.


Women have different bodies and pursuits, and the increased sexy underwear provides them with more choices, so that they can not be comparable to other women in taste and aesthetics.At the same time, the increased sexy underwear is not only visual enjoyment, but also a collection of practicality, comfort, slenderness and sex auxiliary, so that women can be satisfied and enjoyed in all aspects.

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