Women wear sexy underwear outside

Women wear sexy underwear outside

With the gradual openness and sharing of people’s concepts, sexy underwear has become an interesting form of sex.For many women, even if we wear sexy underwear outside, they can bring some surprises and stimuli.In this article, we will discuss some of the precautions of women wearing sex underwear and the type of sexy underwear.

1. Choose a sexy underwear type that suits you

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, women first need to consider their own shape and type in order to buy their own appropriate wear.Interest underwear has various types and styles: from thin sex, sexy underwear to large -size sexy underwear.Choosing the correct type can not only make women feel comfortable. In a enthusiastic and interesting environment, it can also increase self -confidence.

2. Select the right quality sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, you must choose high -quality products to ensure the comfort and reliability of wearing.High -quality erotic underwear is made of soft and comfortable materials. They can wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable and not easy to jump.They also have better support and thoughtful wrapping, highlighting women’s figure curves, thereby increasing their confidence and charm.

3. Select erotic underwear according to your own style and occasion

Women also need to consider their own personality and venue when choosing sexy underwear.Some sexy underwear is suitable for private places at night, while others are suitable for wearing during the day.In short, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must ensure that it is consistent with your own style and occasions.

4. Understand the materials and hygiene of love underwear

In addition to the appearance and feel, the materials and hygiene of sexy underwear also need to pay attention to.Women should choose sexy underwear made from skin -friendly natural materials to avoid allergic reactions or bacterial infections.In addition, scientific cleaning is also very important for maintaining the quality and hygiene of sexy underwear.

5. Before wearing, make full preparation

Before wearing sex underwear, women need to make full preparation and meticulous arrangements to fully show their charm.In addition to carefully selecting the right sexy underwear, she can also choose the shape, color and cosmetics that matches it to make the whole image more perfect.

6. Avoid excessive display of sexy underwear in public

Interesting underwear was originally to provide a private experience, so excessive display of sexy underwear in public is not a good idea.Please note that excessive reflection of personal preferences and sexy is not always popular.Whenever and wherever, women need to maintain their dignity and decentness.

7. Pay attention to the balance between fashion and comfort

Fashion and comfort are two important factors of sexy underwear. Women need to pay attention to the balance between these two factors when choosing to wear sexy underwear.Don’t pay too much attention to the appearance and ignore the feeling of wearing, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble and discomfort.

8. Respect your own will and needs

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, women also need to pay attention to respecting their wishes and needs, and do not cater to the expectations and requirements of others.Different women, due to the differences in personality, figure, hobbies and habits, they will have different pursuits and preferences for sexy underwear.Sometimes women should try to challenge some different styles and types to find themselves the most suitable.


Wearing erotic underwear can increase interest and stimulation with partners.When women wear sexy underwear, they should focus on their own feelings, and pay attention to their dignity and at least social etiquette.Respect your own wishes and needs, choose a high -quality, suitable style and sexy underwear on the occasion, and implementing the real charm is the best performance.

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