Women do not like sexy jelly


As the times change, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.However, it is surprising that some women do not like this type of underwear.Why is this?This article will explain this.

lack of confidence

Some women may feel that the sexy underwear is too sexy, and it will appear more exposed after wearing it, so they will feel lack of confidence.Especially some women who are not very confident in their own figure will be far away from sexy underwear.

Not suitable for daily wear

Although sexy underwear can make women more mature and elegant, not every woman is suitable for daily wear.Some erotic underwear design is too complicated, and it is not suitable for wearing daily clothes.Some women also think that sexy underwear is not convenient, and it is not very comfortable to wear.

Not suitable for personal style

Everyone’s personality and taste are different. Some women think that sexy underwear does not match their own personal style.For example, women wearing sexy underwear look bold, not suitable for some elegant occasions, and some women feel that the sexy underwear is a bit too fancy, not in line with their fresh and elegant personal temperament.

Private issues

Although sexy underwear is usually only between couples, but some women are still worried about being discovered by others, so they are not willing to try sexy underwear.


The price of sexy underwear is higher, which is more burden on some women.Although there are some cheap sexy underwear sold in the market, the number is small and it is not easy to find.

Exercise and health issues

Interest underwear is usually more beautiful, but it is not conducive to exercise or health.For example, if you need to wear sexy underwear for exercise, then this underwear will restrict your exercise. If you wear a sexy underwear to see a doctor or do a regular examination, there may be some embarrassing situations.

Anxiety and stress

Some women may feel anxious and stressful about sexy underwear.For example, they will worry that they will be laughed at after wearing sexy underwear, or they are afraid that their bodies will not be beautiful enough, and they will become more prominent after wearing sexy underwear.

Life style is not suitable

Interesting underwear is suitable for intimate relationships between adults, but if a woman’s lifestyle is simple, or she has more time to study and work, then sexy underwear may not be what she needs.

in conclusion

All in all, although sexy underwear is a good choice for some women, not every woman likes sexy underwear.Women have their own lifestyle, taste and personality, and everyone should have the right to choose what they want.We should not use a concept to restrain others, but to respect the choice of others.

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