Why not let the sex underwear be promoted

Why is sexy underwear not promoted

Some industries cannot be vigorously promoted, such as fashion, art and other fields, which are not suitable for direct advertising, as well as the sexy underwear industry.Its existence makes people feel embarrassed, inconvenient to discuss, and also face other various problems. Let ’s discuss why sexy underwear cannot be promoted on a large scale.

Symbolic diversity

Sex underwear is a product that is used and applicable to all kinds of gender, age, religious beliefs, etc., but some people do not agree with the use of sexy underwear, which is related to attitude to some extent.For some people, wearing this underwear means excessive indulgence or violation of normal virtue ethics, which is also one of the reasons why sexy underwear cannot be promoted among a large number of people.

Existing legal risks

In many countries, the sales of sexy underwear are still supervised. In countries with strong women’s liberation, this problem is more complicated. Without proper planning and supervision intervention, companies selling sexy underwear will be caught in a positive legal risk.

The consideration of hygiene factors

It is not wrong to use sexy underwear, but it is important to pay attention to the attributes and elements of hygiene, and it is important to find a sexy underwear suitable for us in time.A large number of companies or merchants that promote sexy underwear will not consider the screening products that have been screened for the health problems of consumers, which will lead to serious health problems caused by the use of sexy underwear.

technical problem

Many erotic underwear are made of special soft materials, which will bring many technical problems that are difficult to overcome.In recent years, some leading underwear innovation companies have tried to adopt new technologies. Machining special gaming underwear can improve the opportunity and effect of pushing underwear to consumers, but technical problems still exist.

Difficulties in preaching products

Because sexy underwear is a sexy product, which means it is related to sex.Unlike traditional women’s underwear products, sexy underwear emphasizes sexual management and control, which is difficult to be accepted by many people.The marketing of sexy underwear needs to be more careful and effort than other types of underwear to carry out marketing and promotion.

Risk and reward

In product marketing, brand and sex are a pair of words that often make up for the pairs.The brand awareness can produce higher purchases and consumers’ loyalty. Many sexy underwear brands also do this in marketing. In fierce market competition, their practices in marketing are weighing based on specific actual situations.Proper product marketing strategies can not only get higher consumer returns, but also provide more powerful support for brands.

How to use sex underwear

Interest underwear is not just a conventional underwear. This underwear needs to make people feel free and comfortable in the body, and less troubles to the wearers.In the process of sex games, wearing sexy underwear will bring more fun.For famous sexy underwear manufacturers, it can use this as a marketing strategy to increase its value and cognition in the market.

Marketing strategy needs

If the sex underwear company hopes to push the product to a larger range of consumers to achieve more sales opportunities, they need to do a good job of various marketing opportunities and preparations.This may not be limited to conventional methods such as film and television advertising and social media promotion, and should also include consideration of various profit models, and joint promotion.


Like most other companies, sexy underwear companies are trying to seek better marketing strategies. I hope that more consumers can understand sexy underwear and successfully sell them to the majority of consumers.Some people think that sexy underwear should not be too publicized, but after all, there are markets in all aspects of personal life. It has brought more happiness and fun to people, and economic benefits have doubled.Can match.After all, it is not only sexy underwear that needs to be promoted in marketing, but more companies that can make more self -improvement in brand marketing or traffic operations also require discussions and thinking in this regard.

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