Why does blood drip refer to sexy underwear


In our familiar sexy underwear, a term has been widely used and has become an industry term, which is "blood drip".But why does Blood Drops become synonymous with sexy underwear?Next, we will explore this issue.

Blood Drop Definition

Blood drip refers to a decoration worn near the private parts, usually consisting of a small band and some decorations.The decorations can be beads, streaming, flashing diamonds or other materials.They are tied to the body through thin bands, mainly with sexy underwear.

The origin of blood droplets

Blood droplets originally originated in Japan, called "Chin-Chin Dama", which means "small bell".It was originally used to increase the charm of women’s age, increase sexual interest, and meet the aesthetic needs of men.Later, with the development of the times and the integration of culture, blood droplets gradually spread to the world.By now, Blood Drop has become a well -known term in the international sex lingerie industry.

Blood Drop Design

When making blood droplets, high -quality materials, such as diamonds, shells, pearls, crystals, etc.There are various design styles, including simple, retro, romance and so on.Different designs are suitable for different occasions, which can increase both temperament and sexy.Choosing a suitable style of blood droplets can add more beauty to the curve and skin tone of the body.

How to use blood droplets

When using a blood drip, you need to fix the thin band on the underwear, and then hang the decorations on the private part. It is best to choose the clothes that help to hide to maintain privacy.Moreover, for the sake of beauty, wearing transparent underwear can more easily integrate it into the entire shape.

Blood drip use occasion

Blood droplets are used in various occasions, and they are often used with sexy underwear, pairing or fun.In dating or emotional relationships, blood droplets can add a lot to the entire shape.However, it should be noted that it is not suitable for use in formal occasions or in public, because blood droplets obviously have unruly sexual hints.

The role of blood droplets

The main role of blood droplets is to increase the charm and sexy of women and give women more confidence.In addition, it also has the effect of stimulating the visual nerves of men, making sexy more hot.Blood droplets can also cause men’s sexual interests and exploration spirit, and enhance the lust and sexual quality of life between husband and wife.

Recommended brand of Blood Drops

There are many types of blood droplets. When choosing a brand, you can choose according to your own preferences and needs.The following is the recommendation of some brands:

1. CROWN? Little Crown -Develop and sell underwear with modern charm.

2. Sylvie? Monthule — French brand, mainly brand, blood droplets, handcuffs, and foot -footed brands.

3. Shirley of Hollywood? -Mir -American brand provides various types of sexy underwear and blood droplets.

Society’s view of blood drops

In traditional society, blood droplets or choosing sexy underwear will be considered immoral or impossible, but the society is becoming more open and free now, and more and more women are beginning to accept this kind of match.To be sure, blood droplets are constantly helping people realize their interest and sexual life.

The future of blood droplets

With the continuous popularization of sexual culture, blood droplets will continue to evolve.In the future, blood droplets will be more humane and meet the personalized requirements of women, while paying more attention to comfort and health.We will look forward to a more passionate and personalized blood drip, which will lead the development of future sex underwear.


By understanding the blood drip, we find that this decoration is not only a part of the sexy underwear, but also the reflection of the charm of women and the promoter of sex life.They keenly take the elements of social development and women’s needs, giving more possibilities for sexy underwear.The global influence of blood droplets has made it one of the most important elements in sex underwear. We can expect that the future blood drip will bring us more surprises and innovation.

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