Why are sexy underwear mostly women’s clothing

Why are sexy underwear mostly women’s clothing

In the sexy underwear market, there are many types of women’s clothing than men’s clothing.It seems that the entire market is mainly female customers.So why is the sexy underwear market that focuses on women’s clothing?Let’s analyze this problem.

Female customers are easier to accept sexy underwear

People have different attitudes towards men and women.In some cultural environments, men pay more attention to practicality and utilitarianity, and women pay more attention to finding a good feeling.This determines that women are more willing to wear underwear that is more in line with their aesthetic under the traditional outer cage.And for sexy underwear, more private things, women are more open and more willing to try.This leads to a large female customer group in the sexy underwear market.

Diversity better meets women’s needs

In the field of sexy underwear, there are many types of women’s underwear, such as pajamas, bras, stockings, etc.Each underwear has different styles, materials and colors, which can better meet the needs of each female customer.Men’s underwear is relatively monotonous, paying more attention to practicality, but slightly different in style and color.This difference determines the advantages of women’s clothing in the sexy underwear market.

Women pay more attention to body and beauty

Women’s figures are very physiological to men.Under the premise of maintaining health, women pay more attention to creating their own figure and beauty.In terms of tolerance and intimacy, sexy underwear can better shape the body and beauty of women.And sexy underwear is more beautiful, and many women will choose to buy because of sexy appearance.This has further promoted the development of the women’s clothing underwear market.

Men’s underwear is limited

Due to the importance of men’s practicality, men’s underwear has more limitations than women’s underwear.Due to the physiological characteristics of men, the design range of men’s underwear is relatively small, and the choice is relatively single.This increases the design difficulty and market development difficulty of men’s clothing underwear.This situation also proves that female customers’ control of the sex underwear market.

Female customers pay more attention to the interesting experience

In the field of sexy underwear, female customers pay more attention to the pursuit of sexual experience.This means that they need more about visual, tactile and auditory experience.Sex underwear needs to satisfy their pursuit of vision and touch, thereby stimulating their sexy sensitive points.And men need a comfortable and practical underwear.This difference once again focuses on the position of female customers in the sexy underwear market.

Fun underwear market positioning

In the sexy underwear market, the company is usually positioned in women’s customer groups more extensively and pays more attention to personalized and aesthetic pursuit.Men pay attention to practicality and health.This difference has caused the market positioning, making women’s sexy underwear more marketable.This is also a factor that women’s sexy lingerie is more prosperous.

Women pay more attention to quality and details

Quality and details are the key features of sexy underwear, and this is exactly what women pay attention to.Female client groups often select details such as the material, texture, and craftsmanship of underwear.Men pay more attention to price and practicality.This is the importance of female customers in the sexy underwear market.

in conclusion

The above reasons have led to a more significant position in the market in the market.The female client group occupies most of the entire sexy underwear market.With the continuous development of the sexy underwear market, will there be further expansion?Perhaps men’s clothing sexy underwear is just a matter of time.

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