White silk suspender erotic underwear socks

White silk suspender erotic underwear socks

When it comes to sexy underwear, some people may think of leather, rope and net eye.However, the gentleness and fashion fun provided by the white silk suspender sex underwear are easily overlooked.Unfortunately, for the wearer, the problem of socks of white silk suspenders’ sex underwear is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Fabric selection is the key

When considering buying a white silk hammer sexy underwear, fabric is a very important consideration.Choosing high -quality, easy to clean fabrics is the best way to prevent socks.Some good choices include cotton, nylon and silk.In addition, do not choose sexy underwear without cleaning instructions or labels.

Hand washing is the best way

For the white silk halter sexy underwear and socks, hand washing is the best way.Using mild detergent and cold water can ensure that the fabric and lace are not secreted, and it can avoid contraction.It is best to put the hammo sexy underwear in a laundry bag to prevent the lace from hooking on other clothes.

Use alkali water and bleach to be cautious

Using an alkaline cleaning agent or a cleaning agent containing a bleach may destroy the white silk suspender sexy underwear and socks, and make them discolored.In addition, the appropriate amount of bleaching agents may also be retained in the fabric, which causes allergic reactions to the skin when wearing.If you must use a bleach, it is best to choose a chlorine -free bleach, but the smaller the amount you use, the better.

Pay attention to rinse

After washing, be sure to rinse repeatedly to ensure that all cleaning agents are removed.Otherwise, this may lead to aggravation of socks, or discomfort such as irritation or itching.

Never throw it into the dryer

The white silk straps and socks and socks cannot be placed in the dryer.High temperature may cause fabric damage, deformation, contraction and damage to the lace.Before drying, you should dry it gently and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

Wash the stains with cold water players

If the white ribbon sexy lingerie encounters stubborn stains, it is best to wash it with cold water.Warm water can penetrate the dirt into the fabric, which becomes more stubborn and more difficult to remove.Using cold water and mild detergent can remove dirt as much as possible without damaging the color or texture of the fabric.

Replace underwear and socks regularly

No matter how you protect your white silk suspender sexy underwear and socks, time will make the best fabrics crispy, yellowish colors and facing stain problems.In order to reduce the problem of socks, it is best to replace your sexy underwear and socks regularly.Moreover, your health will benefit more.

Invest in high -quality sexy underwear

If you like white ribbon sexy underwear, you are absolutely worth investing in some high -quality, good -looking sexy underwear.These underwear are not only more comfortable, but also longer life. The suspenders and lace are better quality.

in conclusion

For those who like white silk hammo sexy underwear, the problem of socks is indeed a problem that cannot be ignored.However, by proper care, replacement of underwear and socks, and investing in high -quality sexy underwear, you can minimize the problem of socks.Although the accessories and fabrics of sexy underwear may be very different, taking care of your white silk suspender sexy underwear correctly can ensure that it maintains a neat, beautiful and fashionable appearance.

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