Which country wears more fun underwear

Which country wears more fun underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear. It is a underwear that highlights sexy and tempting while maintaining comfort.Different countries have great differences in the acceptance of sexy underwear and the degree of dressing.This article will analyze which countries wear more interesting underwear and explore the reasons behind them.

American-sexy underwear matching culture

The United States is a country that values sexy, personality and freedom.Women in this country are not shy when wearing sexy underwear.The American sexy underwear is mainly divided into two categories: one is suitable for daily wear, and the other is more suitable for sex toys.Both interesting underwear are very popular, and there are many types and styles of choice.

Brazil-Unique small swimsuit culture

Brazil is a country with a vast coastline. People here pay great attention to swimwear and sexy underwear, so Brazil is also one of the countries with more sexy underwear.The Happiness Index ranked globally in Brazil, and people’s bold and open personality is also particularly suitable for wearing sexy underwear.

Japan-representative of lace culture

Japan is a country that focuses on lace culture. Interest underwear is generally made of light and thin materials such as lace and satin.Japanese women like to be low -key and sexy, so they usually choose stockings, straps, and personal skirts.Unlike the West, Japanese sexy underwear does not emphasize passion, but pays more attention to freshness.

France-both fashion and interest

France is known for its romance and fun.The sexy underwear here has many exquisite lace decorations, which are popular and colorful.French women pay attention to the matching of underwear and coats, so their underwear styles are very diverse, from bra to the bottom of the pants.The French advocated both fashion and interest, making France one of the birthplace of sexy underwear.

China-cultural development and wearing differences

Although China is one of the largest population countries in the world, the popularity of sexy underwear in China is not high.The impact of traditional culture has made Chinese women still have a certain sense of shame wearing sexy underwear.However, with the development of culture and the world, the popularity and popularity of sexy underwear in recent years have gradually formed, and more and more women have begun to try to wear sexy underwear.

South Korea-Sweet Culture Impact

South Korea is a country dominated by sweet culture, and the style of sexy underwear is also sampled. Most of them are simple cups and thin materials.The aesthetics of Koreans tend to be bare -back, elegant and generous styles, and also pay attention to lace decoration.

British-sexy underwear with culture

The British attitude towards sexy, personality and freedom is similar to the United States.The acceptance of the British for sex underwear is also very high.British women like sexy underwear, but do not like too exposed or exaggerated styles.British sexy underwear is very high in quality, fashionable and new, which is deeply interested in people.

India-Constitution of Cultural Tradition

India is a country that pursues the culture of chastity. Traditional concepts restrict the development of sexy underwear in India.But with the change of society and the improvement of women’s social status, sexy underwear also has a certain market share in India.

Australia-an unrestrained attitude of life

Australia is a country that advocates freedom and comfort, and the dressed rate of sexy underwear is also very high.This is because people here are more casual about life, and they hope to have a free lifestyle.


The degree of acceptance of sexy underwear and the degree of dressing are indeed different.We can see from this article that with the improvement of people’s quality of life and the progress of ideas, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.What is suspicious is that more and more sex underwear is accepted and worn by people, which has become a fashion trend.

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