Which color of sex underwear is good

Why is the color important?

As a private clothing, sexy underwear is a key factor that determines its visibility and visual effects.Not only an independent choice, its color also needs to consider the skin color, hair color and preferences of the wearer.Some colors can increase sexy and charm, and some colors will play a key role visually, making the wearer look more charming.

Power of black porn underwear

Black is the most common and popular color in sexy underwear.It has a variety of expression, from translucent lace to a completely opaque combination.Black shows a sexy and mysterious atmosphere, especially when it decorated with partial exposed skin.It is suitable for all skin tone, making people look more sexy and thinner.In addition, black has the advantage of blind skin flaws.

The purity of white porn underwear

White is a simple, elegant and clean color, which can give people a diverse feeling.It can give the wearer a kind of innocence and purity, and it can also be used in the dazzling dresses in summer.However, white erotic underwear is not suitable for people with darker skin or pale, because it is easy to expose skin folds and flaws.

The teasing feeling of red porn underwear

Red is a kind of passion, enthusiasm and teasing. It is the most affectionate color in sexy underwear.Women wearing red underwear look more sexy, bold and confident.Red colors are suitable for most skin tones, especially people with lighter skin tone.

The cuteness of pink erotic underwear

Pink is a cute color like candy, suitable for those who seeks sweet and gentle.Pink sexy underwear is not suitable for those who want to show more sexy and charming wearers.However, pink and sexy underwear can make the skin look smoother and more delicate, and visually have a certain ability to make people feel happy.

The mystery of purple porn underwear

Purple is a very mysterious color, suitable for wearers who seek surprisingly victorious feelings.Purple pornographic underwear contains a deep and romantic atmosphere, which can enhance the sexy and security of the wearer.Purple love underwear is suitable for wearers with fair skin, because it can make the skin more obviously grasping people’s attention.

Gold pornographic underwear luxury

Gold is a gorgeous, bright and luxurious color, suitable for those who pursue luxury and richness.Gold porn underwear may emit a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it should be noted that its transparency should be within the appropriate range, otherwise the wearer will easily look tacky.

The unique feelings of green and blue porn underwear

Green and blue are a reflection of other colors, and they often need to pursue unique styles.Green and blue sex lingerie suitable for those who want to try new colors or add sexy in the taste.These colors are especially suitable for wearers with darker skin tone

Gray brown porn underwear maturity

Gray and brown pornographic underwear are the choices of those who like mature, calm, natural and stable.These colors are very suitable for wearers with deep skin tone, which can be used as a sexy but not publicity, and can also show a simple and quiet feeling.

Consider the choice of sexy underwear color

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, you need to consider people’s preferences and wearer’s personal characteristics and occasions.If you want to dating at night or party, black, red or golden sexy underwear is usually the right choice.For white or ordinary skin colors, red, black and pink sexy underwear is a good choice.For people with dark skin, purple or green sexy underwear is usually more suitable.Regardless of the color, choose the greatest visual effect on the body shape and skin color of your wearer.

in conclusion

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, the key is to choose according to the personality characteristics, preferences, skin color and occasions of the wearer, so as to show the best charm of the wearer.Regardless of the color, the wearer needs to find a balance point between comfort, good -looking and sexy.

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