Which category of sexy underwear

As a special dress, sexy underwear is often attributed to different categories.However, what are these categories, but many people don’t know.In this article, we will introduce in detail which category of sexy underwear to and help you better understand the category of erotic underwear.

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is one of the most common sexy underwear.It is characterized by the exposure and enchanting that is difficult to cover up, which can show the beautiful figure and sexy charm of women.Generally speaking, the materials used in sexy underwear are mostly soft and comfortable textures such as lace, silk, etc., with transparent or translucent effects, such as common jumpsuits, bikini, hollow lace panties, etc.

2. SM sexy underwear

Similar to sexy underwear, SM sexy underwear is also a kind of woman’s enchanting clothes, but it is more to add wild and provocative elements to meet people’s needs for stimuli.For example, the design of some SM sex underwear will add hard materials such as metal, plastic, and there are also props such as binding bands and mouthball.

Third, lace underwear

Lace underwear is a more traditional sexy underwear, but its charm is still difficult to be replaced.It is often used to show women’s soft body curves, and it is very sophisticated with materials and workmanship.More importantly, the style of lace underwear is very rich, and there are many choices for bras, underwear, underwear, and sexy pajamas.

Fourth, open files

Compared to traditional underwear, opening underwear is more sexy and more practical in design.When wearing, open underwear can avoid the embarrassment of physical contact to take off the underwear, which is very suitable for some people who need to retain face.There are also many styles of opening underwear, you can choose different colors and styles.

Five, exposed milk underwear

Locking underwear locks bold and challenges, which encourages people to try the courage to try and show different self.Different from traditional underwear, exposed lingerie is more casual and liberated in design, and it is very suitable for wearing in private places or lover.

Six, perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is a type of underwear with obvious perspective effects. It has unique characteristics in materials and styles.Because it can show the incredible sex and charming of women, it is loved by fashion enthusiasts.

Seven, net socks underwear

Net socks underwear is a more special sexy underwear, which contains the elements of net socks and tight underwear.It shows the female body curve well, while not losing its sense of fashion and fashion.Net socks underwear are suitable for wearing in private places. It can show women’s personality and specialties, which is very interesting.

Eight, uniform underwear

Uniform underwear is a representative sexy underwear.It allows you to be the role of different roles in private places, forming a permanent sense of freshness.For example, different uniform styles such as campus girls, nurses, police, etc. can meet people’s various needs, and are one of the very popular types of sexy underwear.

The above is the detailed introduction of what categories can be sent to the sexy underwear.In general, sexy underwear itself is a very extensive concept, and its classification can better meet people’s demands, beauty, and stimuli.Therefore, whether it is conservative traditional lace underwear or bold and personality, in terms of choice and experience, everyone can choose one of the most suitable sexy underwear for their own hobbies and needs.

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