Which brands of sexy underwear are good for quality

Which brands of sexy underwear are good for quality

As sexual underwear lovers, we all hope that our underwear is exquisite, sexy and comfortable, and sometimes brands can bring us additional confidence and guarantee.However, there are many sexy underwear brands in the market. Which brands are reliable and which brands of the style can meet our needs?This article will introduce a few trustworthy lingerie brands.

1. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sexy underwear brand that focuses on the launch of feminine charm and creative underwear.Its unique style is made of high -quality fabrics and focused on the design of details, which injected innovative elements into the underwear industry.In terms of clothing, it is also known for its simplicity and high quality.As a luxurious brand, the underwear designed by Agent Provocateur is high, but its excellent quality and unique design have also successfully attracted countless loyal fans.

2. La Perla (Rapella)

La Perla is a Italian sexy underwear brand, known as a luxury brand of sexy underwear.Laperla was founded in 1954, making underwear with beautiful design and high -quality fabrics, and has won the favor of women worldwide.Whether it is styles, details, or fabrics, La Perla underwear needs to be controlled by layers to go public.Silk, satin, lace and other fabrics make underwear a noble and elegant atmosphere.Although Laperla’s price is slightly higher, it is synonymous with the sex underwear industry.

3. Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret)

Victoria’s Secret is a well -known global sexy underwear brand from the United States, which has a variety of consumers suitable for different needs.Victoria’s Secret has sexy and comfortable dressing experience. The brand admires simple and sexy, pursuing personalized dressing methods, and other sexy also focuses on stimulus and visual experience.The price of Victoria’s underwear is relatively cheap compared to the previous two, and it has also been favored by a large number of consumers.

4. Bluebella (Brubella)

Bluebella is a new Ruishaye underwear brand located in the UK, known for its bold and avant -garde design and high -quality fabrics.The brand design not only focuses on comfort, but also emphasizes the beauty of women’s shapes.Bluebella has a variety of styles, not only a sexy series, but also a relatively casual leisure series.The most famous series is Novelty. This series is famous for its innovative sex toy design.

5. Coco de Mer (Melke)

Coco de MER is a sexy underwear brand located in London, with unique styles and pursuing a combination of luxury and sexy.The brand developed underwear is extremely attentive. It has almost no sutures, and the underwear enhanced film is added to shape the perfect shape.Melke’s quality and design have reached the ultimate, and at the same time, the brand’s sex toys are also very quality and standard.

6. Wolford

Wolford is a Austrian erotic underwear brand, and its quality and design are also favored by the public.Wolford has many underwear styles, from leisure, to business, to sexy, Walf’s brand is very diverse and adaptable.Whether it is a briefs or underwear suits, Wolf will provide you with high quality choices.It should be noted that Wolf’s control of quality is very strict, so its price is slightly higher.

7. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is a American brand, known for its iconic LACE Thong.Hanky Panky has a variety of styles, moderate sexy, and also very fine fabric and workmanship.The core concept of the brand is women -centered and focusing on women’s needs.


AUBADE is a French sexy underwear brand. The brand pursues art, beauty and luxury.The AUBADE’s design is a relatively retro French curve. Its commonly used fabrics include soft silk, tough cotton, and high -quality lace.In addition to underwear, Aubade’s outer clothing also has high quality. Even tedious three -dimensional lace and knot can reflect French romance and emotion through its design.

9. Lascivious (slutty)

Lascivious is a British sexy underwear brand, which is committed to launching underwear that is in line with contemporary fashion and culture.During the production process, Lascivious focuses on the choice of fabrics, especially with very soft and smooth fabrics, which guarantees the comfort of Lascivious underwear.The brand design also has a iconic feature, which is its unique structure. This design allows the brand’s underwear style to have both modern and sexy characteristics.

10. Nubian Skin (Nubia)

Nubian Skin is a sexy underwear brand derived from the British. Its style is known for its diverse skin tone color.Nubian Skin’s underwear is widely accepted, and its muscle underwear and bras have performed very well in skin tone, which is enough to satisfy the wider people.Nubian Skin’s design and quality are very good, and the brand has some unique insights on modern fashion and culture.


The brand is just one of the key factor that determines the quality of the sex underwear. In addition to the brand, we also need to pay attention to the fabrics, comfort and style of underwear.However, these brands are very reputable and historic brands, both in quality or design.Therefore, we can try to pay attention to the new styles of these brands, and we can also find their own feelings in the existing styles.

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