Where to get the goods in the sexy underwear area is better

Where to get the goods in the sexy underwear area is better

In recent years, the market demand of sexy underwear is gradually growing, and more and more entrepreneurs want to enter the industry.However, a good supplier is very important for running a successful sexy underwear store.This article will introduce some places where it is better to get the goods in the sex underwear area.

1. Giant Business Network Platform

The Giant Business Network Platform is one of the leading B2B e -commerce platforms in China and has a good reputation in the B2B market.It provides suppliers with the opportunity to contact buyers directly, so it can provide very convenient procurement channels for sexy underwear stores.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba Online Market is the largest B2B online market in China, and suppliers are intensive here, and you can directly contact the manufacturer or wholesaler, which has a great purchase volume at a time.However, the supplier of Alibaba needs to review it carefully because there are some false suppliers.

3. Large -scale sexy underwear exhibition

Large -scale sexy underwear exhibitions are usually held in large domestic cities and are platforms for businesses to show merchants.Participating exhibitions can establish direct contact with suppliers, and can see new products in advance through face -to -face communication.But for small sexy underwear stores, huge funds and time are needed.

4. The wholesale market of sexy underwear manufacturers is located

If you are next to the sexy underwear production base, it will be more convenient to purchase directly to the sex underwear wholesale market and the price will be more favorable.However, in the case of not beside the sex underwear production base, the logistics cost of the wholesale market may be very high.

5. Social platform

Social platforms are a good sexy underwear supply channel.They such as WeChat, QQ group, Weibo, Facebook, etc.You can establish contact with the owner of the supplier or other sexy underwear shops to obtain supply channels and related methods.

6. Instence underwear agent

If the owner of the sex underwear cannot deal with the manufacturer directly, they can use the sexy underwear agent to obtain the supply channel of sexy underwear.They can directly establish contact with sexy underwear manufacturers, and at the same time, agents will provide other help, such as advertising, website construction, freight and group purchases.

7. Quota underwear wholesale website

The sexy underwear wholesale website provides convenient procurement channels for the owner of sex underwear stores. They can directly place an order on it, and it usually has a variety of sexy underwear products, and the price is also reasonable.However, you need to pay attention to choosing a reliable website, and you need to carefully check the size and material of the product before placing an order.

8. Cross -border e -commerce platform

Cross -border e -commerce platforms such as 1688, Taobao International, Amazon, and Aliexpress, etc., selling sexy underwear in overseas markets.Although this method needs to consider the problems of logistics and customs, you can choose the sexy underwear suppliers above them to purchase sexy underwear in batches at a lower price.

9. Info Underwear Industry Association

Joining the sex underwear industry association is a more convenient way to obtain sex underwear procurement channels.The Association provides members with professional opinions and provides supplier contact information.

10. Women’s Infusion Lingerie Forum

The Women’s Love Underwear Forum is an online gathering place for the women’s erotic underwear market. Many women’s sexy underwear suppliers will join this forum and share their sexy underwear product information, providing a lot of useful information for the owner of sex underwear.


Choosing a supplier is one of the key success or failure of sexy underwear shops, so the owner of the sex underwear store will need to consider the impact of this aspect.Although each way has its own risks and convenience, we should choose a channel to comprehensively consider multiple aspects.

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