Where to buy husband and wife sexy underwear

How to buy sexy underwear suitable for husband and wife is a more sensitive topic, which is especially true for the first trial couple who bought this purchase.However, buying and choosing the correct size and style in the right place can bring you a richer life of couples, so this article will provide you with some useful guidelines to help you find the sexy underwear suitable for your husband and wife.

1. Online mall

Today, online shopping has become an indispensable part of our lives, and the field of sexy underwear is no exception.On the Internet, you can find some sexy underwear provided by husband and wife.These websites usually have extensive size and style choices, and their prices are relatively cheap.However, be sure to determine that the merchant is trustworthy and investigate its customer service.

2. Sex underwear store

Such shops are usually called sex shops or sex products stores. They provide a variety of erotic products, including husband and wife sex underwear.Entering such stores, you can feel, touch and try all kinds of sexy underwear suitable for husband and wife.Considering your privacy problems outside the store, many such stores usually have a private test room.

3. Supermarket

In recent years, more supermarkets have begun to provide sexual health products and sex products.These supermarkets usually set up sexy underwear in the adult product area for couples to buy.Because this type of store is usually small, the selection of sexy lingerie styles and sizes may be less than other stores, but for those who need to buy quickly, this is a good choice.

4. Post order

If you feel that buying sexy underwear in a physical store may embarrass you, then mail order is an ideal choice.You can order sex underwear from the direct mail directory or online sex lingerie shop, and then send it directly to your home through the courier service.But please note that the mail order may take a longer time, and you may need to understand the reputation of the merchant more.

5. Understand the size

It is very important to choose clothes in the right size and style when choosing a sexy underwear.If you have any confusion about the size during your purchase process, be sure to consult the merchant for help.

6. Style cognition

It is very important to understand the style and copper pier type when choosing a female -style sexy underwear.Of course, buying men’s sexy underwear also needs to choose according to its purpose and personal hobbies.

7. Best maintenance of size

No matter what kind of sexy underwear you choose, the correct size is the key.If the underwear you buy is too tight or too loose, it may bring you discomfort.At the same time, it is also very important for the correct cleaning and storage of underwear.

8. Price and quality

The price of sex underwear is usually different from the different materials and the brand.Price may be one of the most important considerations for purchasing, but you must clarify a principle that you choose high -quality underwear.The better the quality, the higher the price.In order to ensure the hygiene and safety of underwear, it is recommended to buy new models and do not buy second -hand.

9. Shopping experience

Sometimes, the shopping experience of a store may be affected by service quality.If you need help when you buy sexy underwear, the employees of the merchant should have experience and can quickly answer your questions.

10. Viewpoint

For the purchase of sexy underwear, we need to choose to buy high -quality underwear in a credible merchant.If there is any trouble or doubt during the purchase process, be sure to consult professionals or employees of merchants.To enjoy the new couple’s life, you need to plan and prepare first, so make sure you can find a sexy underwear that suits you.

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