Where is the sexy lingerie hidden safely

The trick of storage of sexy underwear safely

For women who like to wear sexy underwear, how to store these private clothes safely is an important issue.Here are some tips for storing sexy underwear to make your sexy underwear eternal fresh.

Use the surplus space

Find the surplus space in the wardrobe or storage cabinet, place the sexy underwear in the storage box and mark the type of clothing stored in each box.

Use of air sealing bags

You can also put the sexy underwear in the air -sealed bag, compress the air in the bag, make the sexy underwear in the bag thinner, and also saves storage space.

Method of hook storage

Hanging sexy underwear can not only save space, but also maintain the neatness and protection of sexy underwear.

Use drawers to save sexy underwear

Save the sexy underwear in the closet drawer, and place different underwear in different drawers in different types of drawers to avoid the troubles caused by random underwear.

Store in a place with low humidity

Interest underwear needs to be stored in a dry place, because humidity can affect the material of the underwear and even cause mold.

Avoid direct sunlight

The sexy underwear should be stored in a shading place to avoid direct sunlight.

Use breathable box

If you store sexy underwear in a closed box, you need to choose the breathable box, which can reduce the humidity of the air and avoid the growth of the mold.

Frequent storage location

The storage location of sexy underwear needs to be replaced frequently to avoid being stored for too long at the same position.This will not only corrode underwear materials, but also cause odor storage.

Understand the material characteristics of clothing

Before storing sexy underwear, you need to understand the material characteristics of the clothing.How to keep the material well in order to keep the clothes good quality and service life.

Enjoy the fun of sexy underwear

For enthusiasts, it is important to store sexy underwear, but it is more important to enjoy the fun brought by wearing erotic underwear.This is designed to make you more confident, beautiful and sexy, so you must fully enjoy their beauty and unique attractiveness before storing sex lingerie.

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