Where is the origin of Zhejiang sexy underwear

Where is the origin of Zhejiang sexy underwear


Zhejiang is a well -known underwear production base in China, and is also one of the main production sites of sexy underwear.Some cities in Zhejiang Province, such as Hangzhou, Yiwu and other areas, have formed a complete sexy underwear industry chain, and the scale has continued to expand.


Zhejiang’s sexy underwear manufacturing began in the mid -1990s.At first, it was only on the underwear, plus a small amount of decorations, which are functional enhanced products.At the end of the 20th century, the concept of sexy underwear increased the development of the industry, and also promoted the professionalism and diversification of the field.

Land advantage

The prototype of the fun underwear industry in Zhejiang Province was born in the production enterprise of a single production single -products underwear.Based on advanced full -color meters, automated bed cutting, folding machines and other modern equipment that ensures quality and production efficiency, and convenient transportation, the Zhejiang Province’s fun underwear industry chain has gradually developed and has become one of the most important production bases in China.

Economic environment

The urbanization of Zhejiang Province is very fast and its economic vitality is also extremely strong.The government has actively promoted the development and expansion of high -tech, intellectual enterprises and industrial upstream enterprises. As government departments pay special attention to the support and support of private enterprises involved in related industries, high -quality enterprises in the interesting underwear industry have gradually grown.In terms of services, there are great breakthroughs and progress.

Land Talent Reserve

The development of the sex underwear industry in Zhejiang Province has helped the exercise and large -scale training of a large number of talents, such as manufacturers, designers, production managers, marketing and other occupations, which promoted the gathering of talents in talents.It is full of vitality and novel and fashionable working environment.

Vegetable area brand advantage

In terms of sexy underwear brands, Hangzhou people are the common sense, Mi Lei, Monowi, Effeli, Nonke, Philibaret and other companies involved in the field of erotic underwear occupy a considerable market share.

Place of origin market demand

With the continuous transformation of people’s ideas, the market demand for sexy underwear is becoming more and more obvious.Zhejiang Province can not only meet the needs of the country’s market, but also sell sex underwear to all parts of the world, such as South Korea, Japan, the United States, and Southeast Asian countries. The proportion of exports has increased year by year.

The future development trend of the place of production

As consumers’ demand for sexy underwear has increased, brand companies have continued to emerge, and market competition in the field has become increasingly fierce.my country’s industrial chain has gradually matured and improved, and future development prospects are not limited.

Analysis of the current status of production

Zhejiang Province’s fun underwear has gradually formed its own supply chain and complete industrial chain, but there are some problems.Some products lack creativity and differentiation, and many companies are negligent in imitating competition, and the gap between quality and design has gradually narrowed.It is still necessary to continuously promote the improvement and improvement of technology, brand and internationalization.

High -quality brand

I i, Monowi, Evoli, Norke, Fiberia, etc. are more representative and competitive brands in Zhejiang’s sexy underwear industry.


In general, Zhejiang’s sexy underwear industry is unique. With its own advantages, it has developed into one of the sexy underwear production bases with important influence in China.However, there are still some problems in the industry, which need to be continuously improved and improved.It is believed that in the future, with the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, the industry chain will be more perfect, and competition between brands will be more intense.

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