Where is the Dongyang sex underwear factory

The location of Dongyang sex underwear factory

Dongyang is a city in Zhejiang Province, China, about 80 kilometers south of Hangzhou.Its famous specialty is woodcarving.However, Dongyang also has another industry that is not well -known outside -sexy underwear manufacturing.

Number of Dongyang Interest Underwear Factory

China’s sexy underwear manufacturing has been greatly developed in recent years, of which Dongyang has a considerable share of share.In Dongyang, more than 50 sexy underwear factories can be found.

History of Dongyang sex lingerie manufacturing

Dongyang’s sexy underwear manufacturing began in 2002.At the beginning, only a few manufacturers did this industry.Over time, more companies realized that this was a high -profile industry and began to pour into this market.

The scale of Dongyang sex underwear factory

Although more than 50 interesting underwear factories are in Dongyang, their scale and output are different.Some factories are as small as a few sewing machines and handmade workshops, and other factories may have hundreds of workers and the most advanced production equipment.

The quality of Dongyang sex underwear factory

For the sexy underwear factory in Dongyang, product quality is one of the factors that attract customers.Although the price is important for buyers, some people are more willing to spend more money to buy products with better quality.

Employees of Dongyang Sexy Lingerie Factory

The sexy underwear manufacturing industry is a labor -intensive industry, so each factory needs a large number of employees.Most factories are from rural areas around Dongyang.This work usually requires people to sit or stand for a long time, so not everyone is suitable for this industry.

Sales of Dongyang Sexy Lingerie Factory

Some Dongyang’s sexy underwear factories will be sold in China, while other manufacturers will export products to overseas markets, such as Europe and the United States.

The price of Dongyang sex underwear factory

The price of sex underwear varies from product types and quality.The price of domestic sales is usually cheaper than the prices of exporting to Europe and the United States.

The market competition of Dongyang sex underwear factory

China’s sexy underwear manufacturing market is very competitive.Dongyang’s factory has to continue to work hard to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce costs.

in conclusion

Although Dongyang’s fun underwear factory is not very famous, it plays an important role in Chinese and foreign markets.This industry has developed rapidly in just decades, and it continues to grow.As consumers’ demand for sexy underwear continues to increase, the future of this industry will be more bright.

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