Where can I see the sexy underwear consultation

Where can I see the sexy underwear consultation

As a familiar women’s clothing, sexy underwear is generally used for emotional communication and expression, and the sexy and comfort of the underwear also attracts the attention of women.I want to solve the relevant information and consultation of affectionate underwear, and this article will bring you some methods to solve the problem.

1. Online mall

In the Internet era, shopping channels are very diversified. Many sexy underwear brands have established their own online malls. You can track brand malls or page travel malls through search engines, social media platforms.While viewing in the mall, you can also consult with pre -sale customer service. They will recommend some products according to your figure and need to be recommended.

2. Social media

In addition to browsing in the brand mall, you can also use social media functions to search.Pay attention to some well -known erotic underwear brand accounts, they will release some sexy underwear matching and wearing skills from time to time, and they can also find some brand preferential activity information.

3. Forum community

Similar to social media, there are also some sexy underwear communication communities. You can ask questions in the community, discuss the choice of underwear with some experienced women, and pay attention to some underwear evaluation posts to understand the love affair underwear more deeplyEssence

Fourth, underwear shop

If you are more inclined to the traditional shopping experience, you can also choose to go to a physical underwear shop to consult with the salesperson.However, it should be noted that because the purpose of the sales staff is to sell products, it is necessary to constantly inquire and identify to avoid false publicity and misleading.

Five, underwear exhibition

The underwear exhibition is a platform for the brand and the underwear industry to display products and new technologies. You can go to the underwear exhibition to contact and consult a number of brands, and learn more about sexy underwear information at the underwear exhibition.

6. Underwear column

Underwear brands or some comprehensive beauty columns will also publish some articles about sexy underwear, which can understand the popular trend and new product release of love underwear through reading.

7. Official WeChat public account

Some sexy underwear brands also push new products and promotional information to consumers by establishing an official WeChat public account.Some sexy underwearists will also provide some matching and dressing suggestions on WeChat.

8. Video sharing platform

On the video sharing platform, users can search for videos to understand the detailed introduction of sexy underwear brands, styles, and sizes and the effects after being tried by models. These videos can allow you to know about love underwear at home at home.


In short, when we need to understand information about the style, brand, size, color and other information, the above channels can be used for reference, and we can better understand the love underwear and meet our needs.At the same time, when consulting, we must also learn about the wearing skills of underwear and how to maintain underwear to ensure the lasting performance of the underwear.

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