Where can I buy sexy jackets in Japan


Japan has always been one of the most prosperous countries in the world.Whether it is an adult product shop, sex products store, or other online and offline sales platforms, you can find a variety of sexy underwear.So, where can I buy the most interesting, sexy, and most attractive erotic underwear in Japan?The following will introduce you one by one.

Line Friends Store

LINE is one of the most popular communication applications in Japan, and its series of store "LINE Friends Store" also offers a variety of interesting sexy underwear options.From lalas to giant underwear, the appearance of the underwear here is very cute and novel, and is favored by young people.

Don quijote

Don Quijote is a large grocery store that provides a variety of products, including sexy underwear.Here you can find the sexy underwear of various brands, from the adult series to the role -playing series, all have sufficient choices.

grocery store

Small grocery stores in Japan often also have the business of selling sexy underwear. Although the scale is small, the style and brand are very complete, and the price is very close to the people.In addition, if you buy sexy underwear in a grocery store, you can also experience the unique style and culture of Japanese local shops.

Adult shop

In some large cities, such as Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka, there are many adult shops, which provide the choice of various sex products and sexy underwear.Although these small shops are not large, the product is updated and has a variety of styles. It is a great place to find unique sexual erotic lingerie.

Sex health products store

Sexual health care products stores are a large scale in Japanese sex products stores, and it is also a very good choice to buy sexy underwear.Here are the main sales health supplies. In addition, there are some special sex products, there are many varieties.

SALON de Parfums et design

Salon de Parfums ET Desrsous is a shop that provides high -quality sexy lingerie, perfume and cosmetics.The price of sexy underwear purchased here is more expensive, but the quality and style are great, suitable for consumers with high quality and comfortable touch.

Peach John

PEACH JOHN is a well -known brand of sexy underwear and women’s clothing in Japan. Both styles and quality are one of the convenient high -end brands and are favored by Japanese female consumers.

Victoria’s Secret

Although Victoria’s Secret is an American brand, sales in Japan are also very popular.The sexy lingerie is fashionable and sexy, and the price is moderate. It is suitable for customers who seek popular and fashionable underwear.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a well -known internationally renowned brand, and it also has many sales stores in Japan.The design of its sexy underwear continues its consistent classic American style, while paying attention to the comfort and fashion sense of wearing.


In short, looking for sexy underwear in Japan, you can choose an online platform or offline physical store.Whether you are pursuing high -end, comfortable, interesting, sexy or excellent underwear brands, you can always find products that are suitable for you in Japan.

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