Where can I buy it in Wuxi


Interest underwear can not only increase interest, but also the pursuit and enjoyment of many women.But in the Wuxi market, it is not easy to buy a sexy underwear that suits you.This article will introduce where you can buy good quality and affordable sexy underwear in Wuxi City.

Purchase location 1: Shopping Mall

Many shopping malls in Wuxi have fun underwear brand counters, such as Intime Department Stores and Xinsheng Department Store.The number of these counters is large, the brand types are relatively rich, and the quality and price are relatively reliable.If you have high requirements for quality and materials, you may wish to search for the mall counter.In addition, you can enjoy more preferential activities, such as discounts, gifts, etc.

Buying location 2: offline shop

There are also many offline sex products stores in Wuxi, which are convenient and many.There are many sexy lingerie styles of offline shops, from simple solid color sets to complex flowers.And there are often new products on the store, there are many types of choice.

Buying location 3: Taobao

The advantage of buying sexy underwear on Taobao is that there are many types, the prices are relatively cheap, and there are many styles that are not in physical stores.But the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the quality of some sellers cannot be guaranteed, the size is not uniform, and it is difficult to try to try on the model.If you buy it on Taobao, please see the information such as size comparison tables, quality standards, and store evaluation.

Buy location 4: Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo is a huge social e -commerce platform, and some sexy underwear brands will also open a store on it.Pinduoduo is known for its low price, special price, and group purchase, and the price is very affordable.However, some stores sell fakes, inferior or returns, and can only be processed within the specified time.Before buying, you must see the reputation, evaluation and return of goods in the store.

Purchase location 5: JD

There are many erotic underwear brands on the JD platform. The quality is relatively reliable and the logistics speed is fast.In addition, most merchants on the JD platform have after -sales service, and returns are more convenient.The price may be slightly higher than that of Taobao and Pindu, but it is generally one of the trustworthy purchases.

Purchase location 6: WeChat business

Weishang is a shopping method in recent years. Interesting underwear can also be purchased on the micro -business platform.The price of Weishang is relatively affordable and the style is relatively trend, but the degree of quality protection is difficult to determine.Some micro -business operators do not have physical stores, and how to refund and exchange also need to consider clearly.

Purchase location seven: self -made

If you like DIY or handmade, then self -made sex underwear is a good choice.Self -made erotic underwear not only has more choices, but also can be tailored according to your own needs and figure.In addition, self -made erotic underwear can also exercise hands -on ability, which is an interesting attempt.

Skills 1: Choose according to the figure

The sexy lingerie styles are suitable for people with different figures.For example, lean women are suitable for wearing camisole or V -neck lace sexy underwear to enhance the plump chest.Women with plump breasts are suitable for sexy underwear containing steel rings and gathered design, which is more comfortable.Be sure to pay attention to your body and needs when buying.

Buying Tips 2: Pay attention to materials and quality

The material of sexy underwear has a great impact on the wearing experience and comfort, so you must pay attention to the material selection.For example, cotton is breathable and comfortable, suitable for daily wear; silk and fiber materials are suitable for special occasions.

Buying Tips II

Although sexy underwear is similar to sexy underwear, there are still differences.The design of sexy underwear is to increase interest and fun. There are also some ingredients that increase stimuli and sexual imagination, but not all.The sexy underwear is designed to show the beauty and sexy of women, emphasizing visual impact and temptation.Before buying, you need to think rationally and choose the styles you really need.


To buy sex underwear, we need to comprehensively consider factors such as their own needs, figure, material, brand and after -sales.Before buying, you must collect as many information as possible, compare multi -channel and multi -channel, and find discounts and information that suits you.

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