What’s more fun in addition to sex underwear

What’s more fun in addition to sex underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can bring yourself a self -confidence and sexy, but human beings’ thirst for new things does not stop.Therefore, in addition to sexy underwear, there are many other fun things to try and excavate. Here are a few recommendations for everyone.


Tattoo is a kind of personality that modern young people like.It has prevailed in Western culture for a long time, and has a long history in Eastern countries.The tattoo allows people to show their unique style and personality, and it is similar to the feeling of wearing sexy lingerie.

Outdoor sports

As we all know, outdoor sports are good for health.If you are tired of facing your computer every day at home or office, going outdoor games is a good choice.You can try outdoor projects such as rock climbing, skiing, camping, cycling, drift, etc.Different from wearing a sexy underwear, outdoor sports can let people release their body energy. It is a healthy, high -intensity, challenging activity.

Learn a craft

From the invention of the steam engine to the development of semiconductors, if you want to create something, you must learn some skills.Hand -made by many people as an interesting amateur activity, you can try to sew, weaving, clay, assembly puzzle and other activities.In addition to letting people learn new skills, they can also cultivate people’s patience and pride for their own creative.


Tourism is an experience that is difficult to describe with words. It allows you to appreciate the local customs, food, culture, etc. from all over the world.During the trip, you can try some novel things, such as eating local food, digging cultural heritage, chatting with locals to experience their lifestyle, and so on.The common point between tourism and sexy underwear is that they can try new things and feel different lives.

Go to the party

Meeting and parties are an important part of a person’s life.It allows people and friends to have a happy time, thereby reducing the pressure of work and learning.Going to a theme party, Halloween Party, or some gatherings held in entertainment venues will bring people a lot of fresh feelings and experiences.


Most people enjoy the pleasure brought by shopping.Enter a boutique or brand store, choose some clothing or accessories that are most suitable for you, and see your beautiful moment in front of the camera, as if the whole person’s state is better.Unlike wearing a sexy underwear, shopping is a feeling of being able to see and touch the product, which will bring people more direct stimulation.

Try food

Food and cooking are an indispensable part of family life and social occasions.If you are interested in cooking, you can learn some cooking skills and baking techniques; if you have a certain understanding of food, you can go to some high -end restaurants and taste high -end meals such as Western and Japanese meals.

Music and movies

Cinema and concerts are also a good place to cultivate sentiment and pastime.Whether you see a wonderful plot of a movie or hearing a beautiful music, it will make people feel romantic and happy.Different from comfort sexy underwear, movies and music are a more time -sensational feeling. It requires people to spend time to experience its essence and emotional experience.

gathering with friends

The spiritual pillars in life are obtained through interaction with others.Different from wearing a sexy underwear, making a party with friends can make a person feel more relaxed and happy.Whether you eat a rich dinner or go to the bar to listen to the scene band performance, it will bring people a good memory that is difficult to give up.


All in all, wearing erotic underwear is undoubtedly a pleasant and sexy activity, but there are many other interesting things in life to try.From outdoor sports to music, movies, culture, handmade, gathering and tourism, the fun in life can come from all kinds of things.Let’s open our hearts and embrace the beauty of life!

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